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'The Rock' to Play King Kamehameha

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While I really can't stand 'The Rock' (AKA Dwayne Johnson), I am interested in tracking this movies progress and seeing how accurately the story/history is told.

HONOLULU (AP) - He played an ancient warrior in the action film "The Scorpion King," and now The Rock says he wants to play Hawaii's most famous warrior-king, Kamehameha the Great.

A movie about the warrior who united the islands into the Kingdom of Hawaii would be the first feature film based on the life of a Hawaiian king.

The World Wrestling Entertainment star, also known as Dwayne Johnson, said last week that he's working on a deal to play King Kamehameha, who ruled from 1795 to 1819.

"Sony Pictures has just purchased the rights and (the project) will be in development for myself to play King Kamehameha in a movie based on his life," he said.

Steve Elzer, spokesman for Sony-owned Columbia Pictures, confirmed preliminary plans for a movie, but said no agreements have been made.

"We have had some discussions with The Rock and his people but there is no deal yet, and nothing we can talk about," he said Friday.



I was generally of the "can't stand any wrestlers" camp, but after seeing the Rock on SNL a bit ago, I have to say I like him. To see a wrestler in drag and playing a very gay bartender in a gay club, etc., told me that he was not Johnny Testosterone and he didn't take himself too seriously.

As a friend of mine said, when ever you see Hulk Hogan he's "Hulk Hogan" but with the Rock, it's more of a stage personna. He seems to be a pretty smart, okay guy.

I'll give him the benefit of the doubt. Whereas, with most wrestlers, there is no doubt. They are what they are.

I guess you got to start some where. Not a fan, but would like to see what they do woth it. At least he has a little Samoan in him (and a lot of bank too). Windtalkers was pretty dam intense. Did anyone see the bar I built for em'. It was the scene when they were doing shots before they got shipped out.

I just read that they're gonna drop Mr. Rock from the Kahmehameha pic - seems they're worried that his Samoan ancestry might piss off some native Hawaiian groups, given that the Samoans and Hawaiians were apparently bitter enemies at one time. No word as to whether they'll recast or just fold the picture, but there are rumors of a second King K pic in the works...

Karen Essex has stepped in to rewrite the script. Plus, it looks like we've got a title: King Kamehameha: Battle for Paradise.


NO matter who they get I just think it would be cool if they made the movie.

I think The Rock is a hottie! I can't tell you how many times I have watched The Rundown. I can't help but say, "DAMN" during the last fight scene when he is shooting two shotguns and the same time...hot, just hot!

THANK YOU atomicchick! i have to admit, im not one to usually drool over hollywood man-meat, but hot DAAAAAMN, the rock has caught my eye since '98. and yes, i will admit my dorkiness. i own his autobiography, the rolling stone with his "layout", and i briefly engaged in white trash nights to watch smackdown. i've even perfected his tongue flick. sad? yes. worth it? definitely. :)


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Why/How is it everyone jumps on the band wagon to ridicule WWF type wrestling, but fawns over the thread a week or two ago about the upcoming womens roller derby?

The intellectual difference is nil; it's just that their cans aren't!

A stud playing a stud. A true "Warrior King."

Let's not forget his history on the grid iron for Florida State.

Kono posted on Mon, Jun 21, 2004 5:57 PM

On 2004-06-21 17:06, christiki295 wrote:
A stud playing a stud. A true "Warrior King."

Let's not forget his history on the grid iron for Florida State.

King Kamehameha was a Seminole??

Cuz Dwayne "The Rock" Johnson was a Miami Hurricane. :D

I won't go as far as to say that The Rock is "hot," but he does seem to be a very cool guy. Out of character he comes across as a very humble, likable guy that enjoys making fun of his WWF persona. He was a hoot on Saturday Night Live.

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