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Hawaiian Bar Magic Pan, Okayama, Japan (restaurant)

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Name:Hawaiian Bar Magic Pan
Street:3-10, Saiwai-cho, Kita-ku Hazime Tomozawa Building 2nd Floor

Hours Mon-Thu 7: 00 pm ~ 3: 00 am
Fri-Sat 7: 00 pm ~ 5: 00 am
Sun 7: 00pm ~ 1: 00 am

A smallish establishment - it seats 36 - this is a Hawaiian-themed restaurant and bar that focuses on tropical cocktails though it serves wine and other non-tiki fare.


I found this place in October of 2009 purely by coincidence. I was intrigued by the name which is the same as that as an American restaurant chain featuring crépes which went out of business in 1989. Turns out it's quite a fun little place and nothing like the Magic Pan that existed in the States.

The owner is a Japanese flair bartending champion but don't let that throw you in case you're worried about drink quality. He does a special flair show complete with music and fire every hour or two but most of the time the staff is focused on getting drinks out.

The theme is definitely more Hawaiian than pan-Polynesian but there are plenty of little kitschy touches.

It's only about a ten minute walk from the main train station which makes it an easy in-and-out location and the neighborhood surrounding it is full, FULL of eating and drinking establishments.

In case you're wondering why you'd ever come here, here's a suggestion.
Okayama is on the main shinkansen (bullet train) line between Kobé and Hiroshima. If you'd like to get a varied look at Japan in a week you could try this itinerary which can all be done by train and on foot.

Visit Tokyo (including Tiki Tiki) - 2 days
Stop by Kyoto - 1 day
Spend a day in Kobé and spend a small fortune on some authentic Kobé beef. (Most of the stuff advertised in the States as such is, unsurprisingly, something entirely different and usually from Idaho, Montana or someplace similar.) - 1 day
Stop by Okayama. Visit Okayama Castle and Korakuen (one of the big 3 gardens in Japan) and the old merchant quarter called the Bikan historical area in nearby Kurashiki. Have a nice dinner in one of the many restaurants near Okayama station. Have drinks at Magic Pan and take a stroll down the little river right outside. Crash in a nearby hotel. - 1 day
Hiroshima - visit Peace Park and see the city. - 1 day
Catch the train back to Tokyo or Kobé and fly out. - 1 day

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Zeta posted on Sat, Jun 12, 2010 2:00 PM

Very cool fez monkey! Again.
Locofood... interesting. Something in the soup?

Pic from their website
We need to spot a tiki...


Okay, the peanut-faced maori is mine but all of the Libbey mugs — which are only used to hold straws — are theirs.

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