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Nebraska Tikiphiles?

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I'm tired of just lurking around here...

Anyway, I live in Lincoln. I know our tiki options are extremely limited. As in, all we have is Mt. Fuji in Omaha. So, rather than complain about the lack of tiki, why don't we support the one we do have?

How about a meetup?

Give it some time so we have a chance for word to get out and we can all agree on a day, but we need to make the Mt Fuji a regular stop for Nebraska tiki instead of let it fall out of fashion and become the latest tiki casualty. It's all we have left!

Anyway, introduce yourself, and let's find a time where we few Nebraskans or Iowans can get together and tiki it up.

EDIT: Also, if this belongs somewhere else, somebody please move it. I wasn't sure exactly where it belonged.

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Mt. Fuji is not a bad 60s-style Tiki bar:


Aloha, Potato!


Great user name! ( I like the offbeat ones!)

And please post pictures or info about "Mt. Fuji"!



There used to be some pictures on here, but it looks like they're no good anymore. Mt Fuji has definitely seen better days. Apparently, they've had to sell some stuff over the years but it's still a decent tiki bar. I wonder, though, if we actually bothered to support the place and got word out that people should go here, if they could bring it back up a li'l bit. I mean, it would be a shame to see the one remaining tiki bar left in the entire area end with a whimper.

If we can get enough people interested, it might be nice to let them know we're coming and plan ahead a bit.


First things first, how many of us are in Nebraska or Iowa or anywhere nearby that could meet up? I have a feeling we're not many...

Wow! Most of those photos are mine and I didn't know the links were broken. I'll get to fixing those ASAP!

There may not be many of us in the area, it's true, but we're devoted! There are three or four of us in the KC area as well as one couple in Columbia, Mo that I know of.

Good to have you aboard!

Classic Silver Line Boats

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Well, given enough warning, how would you feel about making the long drive north to Omaha? I know everything that used to be in KC is gone now too.

I hope you guys can make it happen. It would be great to energize that Tiki bar!

Makes me feel so lucky to live in LA, which has 2 Trader Vics, Tiki Ti and the Purple Orchid, etc.

Congrats on your 500th post SilverLine!!
I'm in Wichita KS.
We dont have much around here either.
The Tropics on N. Broadway is all that's here...
It has seen better days also...
Although they repainted the outside about 1 1/2 years ago
its just not what I wish it were.
Kinda sad!!
You guys in Cali are fortunate to have thriving tiki bars!!

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On 2010-06-16 20:06, Potato. wrote:
Well, given enough warning, how would you feel about making the long drive north to Omaha? I know everything that used to be in KC is gone now too.

Sure, that's totally do-able! We've only been to Omaha once just to knock around, all other times have been on business, so another opportunity to drop in on the Mai Tai Lounge would be more than welcomed! Maybe we can get 8ft Tiki and Mrs. 8ft to come along. I don't think they've ever been.

Let see what we can put together.


Okay, so counting you and yours, and me and mine, that makes.... four of us.


Getting to this topic late....been working on my house the last week.

I'd love to get up to Mt Fuji's more often. Just have to put the 6 year old somewhere safe.



Any time in August work for anyone? Even if there are only a few of us, I'm sure they'd still be happy to have the extra attention.


Could be......Mrs. 8FT really wants to visit Omaha again soon. Awesome zoo, minor league baseball and so much more. WIll let you know if we get a date in mind.


Awesome. We just need a date to start with and we can all try to make it work from there.


How's Sept. 25th for a date for a meetup? I don't want to make it official on the Events page just yet. We need to give the out of towners who've expressed interest enough time to get here and for everyone to read this and see if the date works.


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PM'd you. Working on the date.



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Sept 25th works for me.


All right, everybody, here it is:


Let's make it happen!

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