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A very exciting thing has occurred, I have made the decision to take two years off from travelling to Hawaii (due to the financial situation over there developments have almost stopped) and now have the time to create pieces for Gallery shows here in Australia and overseas and finally, can organize the workshops on carving, that I have been asked about over the last five years, here in Australia and overseas. I will still be travelling to the States to attend shows that Im involved in and Hawaii for fun!

I will be starting these workshops in Brisbane in August 2010. Beginners workshops commencing Saturday 7 August 10am – 2pm there will be four of these Workshops on each Saturday of August. It will basically be the same lesson each week, so if you want to attend just one that’s fine – or you can attend as many as you feel you need before moving onto Intermediate workshop.

Intermediate Workshop will be held in September it will be a more structured lesson – refining techniques, using different tools to obtain different effects and then we will talk about staining and other techniques used to finish off the carvings.

Then if there is a demand I will hold Advanced Workshop group to explore other types of carvings.

Beginners Workshop costs will include everything you need to get started.
If you live interstate and you are interested in attending please contact me we can assist you with accommodation in the area. If I get enough enquiries from other states I will take the Workshop on the road, so talk to your mates and get a group together I will need at least 8 people per workshop to make it worth packing the tools and hitting the road – I can do a two day workshop interstate. For overseas people - if you can get a group together I will make the journey!

If you are interested in attending these workshops please email me at [email protected] I will send you all the available dates and information you need.


Anyone interested in trying to get Marcus to Las Vegas!?!?! He LOVES Vegas! :)


shit, marcus already said i can stay with him. i'm a freaking, trained gourmet chef. i'll travel around and make the food. i love marcus.


Marcus - Be sure to post destinations, when you confirm them so we will know if a opportunity happens to be within our travelling vicinity. Thanks and enjoy your traveling adventure!

Tiki Beat Carving Workshop #1

Here are a couple shots of my first workshop - I chose to start the class off on carving a mask out of Coconut - I gave each student the same design - which is marked out on each log - and had a finished piece on show for them to see where they were aiming at. Their enthusiasm was fantastic - the class was set down for four hours but they were still carving five and a half hours later.

I really wasn't sure how this idea of workshops was going to pan out but so far it has exceeded my expectations with demand all over Australia I have planned trips right up to the end of the year and thats just for the Beginners - now I need to find some extra days in my calendar to go back and do the Intermediate workshops and this is all before I have even got my first intermediate done here in Brisbane, this has turned into a great venture and I love teaching and sharing my skills with other people who are so eager to learn.
Kustom Lane Gallery in Melbourne has come on board to give me a fantastic venue for classes being held in October. Dave Maloney in Canberra has put his hand up and generously offered his Shed to hold Canberra workshops. Thanks guys I couldn't do it without your help.

Big Toe came up with an interesting idea last week about getting myself, Benzart and Crazy Al on a panel at next years Tiki Oasis - if anyone is interested in this idea contact Otto and give him some feedback and support, I'd love to be there and meet everybody and hopefully bring some of my work with me to share.

Tiki Beat Workshop # 2

Another great group of enthusiastic students eager to learn carving 101 - I stepped up the numbers for this one and had an extra three students in the class. I don't want to get too many because I want to feel that I am giving everybody a fair share of my time one on one. This class turned into a "Couples" class which was great to see the gals giving it a go and they held their own. Great job Ladies!

For anyone interested in doing my workshops in Australia please contact me by email so I can guide you to the dates and places I have coming up for the rest of 2010.


Marcus - Thanks for posting this!

Its a good thing...art and creative expression. If I was in your neck of the woods I would so be there learning and doing. I've been wanting to return to carving sometime and reading your last two posts has inspired me to do just that. Cheers! G

Poster courtesy of Paul Hughes

congrats on the beginning of a sucessfull venture. I wish you could come to Seattle. But I know thats far fetched.If You did Ive got a huge covered pation space thats perfect for a class. If not I would love to see you at oasis next yr.


I'd be very interested in a Sydney session if you were ever in this neck of the woods!

... Tiki carving classes ... genius!

Sydney siders I have been offered the Spectacular Seidler House (for you yanks check it out it is a very special modernism home) to hold my workshop in Sydney - very cool opportunity - so please contact me so we can get a workshop happening down there - weekend of 6th and 7th November is looking good for me.

Come on Las Vegas get some numbers together I will be in the nearby neighbourhood of Palm Springs in February 2011.


Great work Marcus - I hope they continue to be a great success for you. Cool poster to boot! Keep the pics coming.


Hey Marcus,You really need to visit England,Even though the weather is very damp at the moment !!

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