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Fred's Szechuan Chinese Restaurant, Nevada City , CA (restaurant)

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Name:Fred's Szechuan Chinese Restaurant
Street:224 Broad Street
City:Nevada City

This tiny place in Old Town Nevada City has a nice vintage tiki menu that has cocktails served in tiki mugs. I believe that the biker bar next door makes the drinks.

That's a hilarious description! BUT we won't believe a thing until we see photos of the mugs and menu! :D


Went up to NorCal for T-day and had a chance to stop in at Fred's. The food was good and the drinks were by no means craft cocktails. The tiki bowl tasted like orange juice and rum and the scorpion tasted like you could've started a car with it. The drinks were made next door at The Mine Shaft and were served in Dynasty mugs. There was NO tiki decor in the restraunt or bar. I'll definitely be heading back the next time I'm up that way if only for the food.

The menu and drinks as requested by Sven:

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