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what are these ADS doing on Tiki Central??!!?!

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What the hell are these ads doing on the top and bottom of Tiki Central?!!?!! Where will they draw the line? Who's responsible for this?

Oh, wait. I'm responsible.

First of all: these are not paid ads. No one has paid anything to have these up here.

Secondly, no one asked me to post them. I've had many offers for paid banners in the past and I've not yet stepped into that. I've posted these myself without anyone asking. And I post them becuase I think it does a service to the Tiki community at large.

Thirdly: They're pretty-much all on-topic. These aren't banners for Spycams or discount Viagra. They're tiki-related.

Fourthly: This is more or less a temporary design. I'm not a big fan of stacking banners all over the place. I'm working on something that will allow better placement of informational graphics like this. If you were a member of the Yahoo Tiki Central you remember that we always changed the image on the homepage to reflect the most recent book or event. I'm working on something like that. But that takes time, and it seems like a shame to not promote cool tiki stuff in the meantime.

If the file sizes or "stacking design" gets to be too much, or you have anything else you want to comment about it, please private message me and let me know.

Of course you're always free to post your comments here. But please keep your comments in this thread directed at me and the use of banners in general, rather than the people/places/products featured in the banners. They didn't ask me to post them, and they don't deserve critisim in this topic. (although I've not recieved one complaint about banners in the past ...)

Thanks for reading,

~Hanford Lemoore

[ Edited by: hanford_lemoore on 2003-05-08 16:31 ]


*although I've not recieved one complaint about banners in the past ...)

What's all this talk about bannings? Why should anyone be banned from Tiki Central? Oh sure, there are some folk here that are a bit, you know, but overall everyone is pretty much tolerable. There should be no banners, who are these people that are banning others?

It's not right. Darn it, you can insult me, you can belittle my meager Ebay auction, you can even poke fun at my hump. But I am not going to sit here and let the very principles that make this country....huuh, what...?

Oh,...never mind.

Emily Lamidnite

i drove thru bannig california once........does that count?


Why is everyone against David Banner?

Look, if YOU were scientist exposed to a massive amount of radiation during a research experiment, and then were transformed into a green monster resembling Lou Ferrigno whenever your anger was aroused, and then couldn't remember what happened afterward, I would think you would want the folks at TC to give you a bit of a break.



Banner?!? I hardly even know her!


Hey, It's saves me from pointing the way to Shecky's Secret Site, again and again. I don't mind them. Hell i didn't even see them the first few times.

Tacky Techie Tiki Bar

[ Edited by: Turbogod on 2003-05-09 06:46 ]


What the hecky Shecky.
What the heck am I supposed to slide down, if there is no
We can't even use the stairs anymore.

BAN, BAN, BAN, BAN-BAN, BA BAN, BAN, BAN, BAN-BAN. I want to be sedated!

Chongolio Ramone

Someone say bananas?

Trader Woody

[ Edited by: Trader Woody on 2003-05-09 14:03 ]


And what's all this about spies selling discount Viagra?

Viagra...for Tiki Men? As if...

The Bananas and the Tiki Men?? Sounds like a great show!!!!


I would never pass up a Sacramento punk band gig.

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