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"The Tiki War": Live Show - Minnesota Fringe Festival!

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"The Tiki War", a live theater production written, produced and directed by Minneapolis filmmaker John Ervin, will be part of the 2010 Minnesota Fringe Festival in August. Featuring 169 shows at numerous venues across the Twin Cities, the Fringe Festival offers groundbreaking theater at affordable prices.

Set in 1961 Chicago, "The Tiki War" takes place one night after hours at a tiki bar run by two criminally minded veterans of the Korean War. Over the course of the evening these desperate men do battle with two luckless entertainers and the mafia-widow owner of a more successful rival club, fighting over love, honor, heroin and Cuba's most potent rum.

"The Tiki War" will be presented at The Jungle Theater in Minneapolis Friday, August 6 - Saturday, August 14. Find complete schedule and ticket ordering info at http://fringefestival.org/2010/show/?id=1190

I'm glad I decided to search for minnesota tonight...

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