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Hear The Maikai Gents, Sven, Otto &Tiki Ti on NPR Audio Links

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These are the links to the story as it aired on two different public radio shows. There are slight differences in each due to show time requirements, but they all feature the same tiki dudes. Enjoy.

From The Maikai Gents:

Here's the link to the story as it aired on The California Report, scroll down to May 9 and click on "Tiki Culture Makes a Comeback". This featured less of our music and more of Iuka Grogg.

Here's the link to the story as it aired on All Things Considered. This featured more music and less Grogg.

Please feel free to pas this info along to anyone you think may enjoy it.

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[ Edited by: weirduncletiki on 2003-05-18 12:33 ]

That was a fun story, but I feel like my hula went unnoticed on the radio! wink, wink


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