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Mai Tai Cocktail Bar & Restaurant , Melbourne, Australia (restaurant)

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Name: Mai Tai Cocktail Bar & Restaurant
Type: Bar & restaurant
Street: 234 A Russell Street
City: Melbourne
State: Victoria
Country: Australia
Phone: 96632112
Status: operational

The sign outside this corner establishment states that it is a "Hawaiian Bar and Restaurant". Upon entering, you see two sections. The front section is the bar, which takes up about 2/3rds of the premises. Upon walking through the bar, you enter the restaurant, which actually serves Thai food ("Mai Tai" - get it?). Very basic tiki décor throughout (bamboo fixtures and a big painting of an island scene in the bar), with a Thai twist in the restaurant (scary backlit masks on the walls which are definitely not Polynesian in origin).

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Tiki purists will probably run screaming in horror from this place, as the décor would be far too minimalistic for them, and the concept of having a "Hawaiian" Thai restaurant and bar is an odd one, to say the least:

Well, I'm not proud, and I'm man enough to admit it, and I was hungry, having just arrived in Melbourne, so I was not too fussy about where I ate that night.

So be nice to me Tiki Centralites, as on behalf of you all, I put on a brave face, pushed open the door, and, showing manly perseverance in the face of adversity (and dragging my companion Ms Nouméa behind me), I crossed the threshold. Having rushed through the nearly empty bar, I claimed a table in the Thai restaurant out the back, whilst endeavouring not to stare too quizzically at the scary backlit Thai monster masks posing as tiki masks.

Ms Nouméa had a cocktail with her meal, which turned out to be a bit watery. I only had fruit juice, so I can't comment on the quality of the drinks, although there was an extensive list of cocktails on the menu. For all that, I had a very tasty Thai meal, and our fellow diners seemed to be enjoying themselves, although Ms Nouméa said she found her meal a bit bland.

So, next time you're in Melbourne, will you be game enough to take up the Mai Tai challenge?


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