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Witco Tiki Spotted At The Bahooka

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Aloha....well we ended up having Mother's Day dinner with my mom at the Bahooka on wednesday (she told us tuesday she would be out of town on the weekend-coulda gone to Oasis!!!!!Damn). Not very busy, so we had a chance to walk around. saw some things I never noticed before. Across from the men's restroom are several totems carved on.......paint stir sticks and painted. At table f-3 is a primitive palm tiki 12"-16" tall and at w-3 was what appeared to be a Witco style tiki about 18"-24" tall......

laney posted on Sat, May 10, 2003 6:02 PM

Hi, Bongo, I talked about that Witco in this past thread. They actually have two and these are barstools with out their pads on top. (can post pics of mine if you like)


That was my first Witco piece I'd seen befor I even knew what Witco was. I just thought it was an amazing tiki and was drawn to the style. Now I have a pretty good size collection, recently including my "tiki holy grail" piece, but still "need" more Witco!

If you are local, I plan on having a small gathering at my pad when Gecko comes to town for the cruz show. I still have to line up a date with Gecko as he is going to be busy. So come check out some Witco here! More info and dates to come. Good spotting, Laney

Thanks Laney,

I've been going to Bahooka since they were in West Covina and I see something new every time. I don't know if it's the dark lighting or my advanced age but I sat on those stools and never noticed they were Witco. Duh!!! Thanks for the post as I don't get the time to look at all of them. Me and the Mrs. should have more time for the events after we get her family settled.....Would love to meet you and see the Witcos and more TC people.....We have one witco (Fossil Fish) that I got on ebay.....we live in Thousand Oaks (between L.A. and Santa Barbara) and the thrift/antique store pickins up here are always slim.....

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