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Missionary Ethnological Museum, Città del Vaticano, Vaticano (other)

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Name:Missionary Ethnological Museum
Street:Viale Vaticano - 00165, 00120
City:Città del Vaticano

Believe or not Il Vaticano is a place to check on your next euro tiki trip.
The Vatican´s collection of primitive art includes large number of Oceanic art artifacts (and some remarkable ones).
Tickets cost between four and twelve Euros, and the purchase price includes access to all the museums.
Temporarily chiuso

Wow, very cool....but they don't allow photography? It makes total sense, the missionaries had many idols destroyed, but also collected many as samples, thus preserving them for posterity. I believe there is a missionary museum in Holland that has a good collection, too.

I'm afraid that to take pictures you´ll have to fight a couple of well built Swiss Guards first, so it´s better just to buy a couple of postcards at the museum store.

Tu and Rogo from Mangareva

And a couple of PNG artifacts

Great collection of prehispanic and African objects too.

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Zeta posted on Fri, Jul 23, 2010 11:46 AM

Moai Kava Kava from the Vatican collection.

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