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Best internet price for bamboo?? Construction questions...

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I'm re-building my bar and want to cover the surface of the front and sides with split bamboo. I probably want somewhere around 1 to 1-1/2 inch diameter bamboo, either pre-split or I'll split it myself. Any recommendations as to who might have the best prices and will ship? (I'm in the middle of nowhere, two or three days from any coastline).

Once I've got the bamboo cut to the right lengths and arranged like I like it, how's the best way to attach it? Since the bar I'm re-working has a very thin plywood surface, I was thinking about building my bamboo panels on another piece of plywood and then attaching them to the bar. So, I can screw into each piece of bamboo from the back if that's a better method of attaching them.

I've mentioned this before - hand-splitting bamboo isn't all that hard. Most folks use a hatchet or machette. If you need a perfect edge find a table saw. I hand split about 200 sticks of bamboo with my hatchet, with very little waste. Bamboo can be had pretty cheap from many home and garden stores as well as nurseries, unless you want the larger diameter stuff. I hear it's incredibly expensive to ship those large timbers - I've been lucky enough to find a local source.

I'm a big fan of Liquid Nails for complicated attaching jobs. It comes in a caulk tube and is applied with a caulk gun and it's very tough and tenacious when it's dry.

whats the best way to cut bamboo without getting all the little splinters around the cut?

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