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OHANA 2011 - Official Thread -

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its happening.

For the info, check out the website: http://www.LuauAtTheLake.com

Or peep this video:


Oh, and we've got a few items leftover from 2010 (mugs, shirts, etc) if you're interested:


See ya at the Lake!!

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Big honkin' WOOOOO!!!

I'm still coming down from the last one! Can't wait!

For those that missed the 2010 event, here is some of what you missed.

For those that were there, here is the photographic evidence to back up the black mail demands you should have received in the mail already.



For those too lazy to watch the video or visit the website (hey, I'd be one of em) the dates are:

June 23-26, 2011

We'll have another wacky kick-off party on Thursday night (not a prom this time but something equally as fun & cheesy), Bands & crawls on Friday, More bands & vending & a Luau & Polynesian show, etc on Saturday, and hopefully, something really special on Sunday before we put a fork in the weekend.

Mark your calendar, talk to your HR person, beg, borrow, steal... whatever it takes. It aint the same without you there.

See ya at the Lake!

Getting closer, come on book those rooms! I need people to party with!

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