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Lunch today (Tues 5/13) at Sam's Seafood?

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Hey guys -

The Humuhumu Road Trip continues, and today I'm gonna try to hit Sam's, since it was closed on Thursday night. I know this probably belongs in Events (sorry!), but in the interest of getting in front of people's eyeballs in time to meet me, I'm stickin' it here. Anyone in the HB area who's up for lunch, gimme a holler at (206) 349-1362.

I wish I could meet you there Michelle, but I've gotta work. Have a good time.

What a treat! I had the lovely Humuhumu all to myself at lunch! (sorry, Hula Hula!)

The lunch fare at Sam's isn't all that great (stick to dinner there, it is better), but Michelle's charm and conversation more than made up for it.

After lunch, we took our time exploring the decor, snapping photos. Soon, Michelle had to start her long trek back to Seattle. On behalf of all Hoiti Toitis, I wished her a safe and pleasurable trip.

Michelle, you are a sweetheart, and we all look forward to a return visit!

Humuhumu's last SoCal Tiki Encounter


[ Edited by: Traderpup on 2003-05-13 17:30 ]

Not a bad deal Pup. I am jealous. Nice photo.

I was just towards the West (like 100 yards) over the wall workin' on a condo behind Katin today. I was even thinkin about jumpin the wall and doing Sams for lunch. Then, I got a call from Holden and he side- tracked me and I ended up eating in Seal Beach instead. I guess it worked out for the best (being that TP dislikes like my comments).

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