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Jack Howard's Tropics Club, Battle Creek , MI (restaurant)

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Name:Jack Howard's Tropics Club
Street:76 W. Michigan Ave.
City:Battle Creek

The Tropics Club was mentioned a long while back on the Tiki finds thread. I finally had the chance to do a bit of research on the place. I didn't find much and will have to go back and do a heavy history excavation through the microfilm when I get the time. 1942 for the opening is an early date for this type of restaurant in this part of Michigan. Seems that Mr. Howard was a busy man in the area. The mention of the opening of The Escape Restaurant in 1958 is interesting as well. Here is a copy of Mr. Howard's obituary that I found. Hopefully more info and photos will turn up for this pre Tiki location and show the evolution of the style in Michigan. I'll keep digg'n. Thanks.

A matchbook originally posted by Dustycajun.

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Good luck with the research. You left the best part of the matchbook out!


That looks like the "Hurricane" motif...maybe they had a "tropical rain storm" effect?

Picked up an older matchbook from Jack Howard's Tropics Club, two floor shows nightly.


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