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Parking lot is full/House of TIKI Sale!

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10 to 50% off
If you missed the Oasis or you liked what you saw at the Oasis, there is so much more.
COME ON DOWN to The House of TIKI
1860 Newport Blvd.
Costa Mesa, CA.
(949) 642-TIKI 8454
The container is packed full of the best Tiki stuff out there.
Fill your house or just a corner
Here is my invite

Sounds cool, I'm gonna be there fo shor!!!~!

(another shamless plug from the house of twinkie)

The stuff at House of Tiki was great. I bought a couple of tiki mask carvings, flower pots, palm frond fish, and some gifts for friends. I already have bamboo furniture or I would have bought some of that too. Good job Wes!

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