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Good drinks at the Hukilau

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[ Edited by: Tiki Bree on 2003-05-15 19:03 ]

On 2003-05-15 10:25, Tiki Bree wrote:
Hi Guys and Gals!

There seems to be some discussion regarding the drinks at Tiki Oasis and, by association, some speculation about the drinks at the upcoming fabulous Hukilau.

Tiki Brie,

(Isn't this the same post you made on the Tiki Oasis Bartending thread.)

Yes, I understand you're excited to push the deep South's version of Tiki Oasis, but I don't recall there being any association made between the drinks at Tiki Oasis and the Hukilau.

I certainly hope an established restaruant/bar makes a decent drink. Keep in mind that Caliente Tropics' bar just, as in just, opened.

Besides, it was the authenticity of the Tiki Oasis attendees, bands, vibe, and in-room drinks that made it kick ass!

(I wish Tiki was in Dixie, away! away!)

Tiki_Bong wrote in the Beyond Tiki Forum:
I ask that you all cheer Bong up a little by posting something that will really set him off!



I believe we just found a new beginning!


"authenticity of the Tiki Oasis attendees, bands, vibe,"

For Hukilau last year we worked hard to provide circulating synthetic attendee borgs that interacted realistically with the few authentic homo sapiens, we hired high school garage bands with free bud light and told them to "just have your girlfriends dress up with coconut bras & dance on stage," and spent long hours meticulously removing all the atmospheric decor from Trader Vic's so as not to interfere with the "cancun spring break" vibe we were going for. I am certain just as much effort is going into this year's Hukilau.

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