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Here's a question for Tangaroa or anyone else who may know: how often do they refurbish the Enchanted Tiki Room at Disneyland? We were there last week, and I noticed some of the "cast" not moving like they should, and the audio tracks seemd to be out of sync with each other. The lipsync (beaksync?) was off slightly, too. I've noticed this before then, but it seems like it's getting worse (or maybe I'm overly critical). Is all this normal?
How does the audio sync up with the mechanics, anyway? And how many audio tracks are there? I figure at least ten or so, but I'm curious to know. I love behind-the-scenes info!



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Hey -
They normally "rehab" attractions once a year - unfortunately Tiki Room usually doesn't seem to get a very complete one.... They have tried to improve lately, after an embarrassing incident with the current sponsor, Dole Pineapple. Check out this link for more of the story:
The problem with sync that you mentioned has more to do with the daily wear & tear on the AA figures. Dave Feiten (formerly one of the best AA animators for Imagineering) once told me, "You could do an incredible job animating a figure - then six months later someone will come back & criticize your work as shit - it's not in sync, etc... Well, if they would just keep the figures maintained that wouldn't happen..."
In other words - the repetitive motion of the birds ( and all the other figures in the park) tend to "slip" out of sync as the days go by. Tiki Room has 3 shows an hour, 10 hours a day, 7 days a week! So - they just need to maintain it better....
At least the attraction is getting some TLC these days. Even though the entrance A-frame fell down a few years ago (due to poor maintenance) - they are at least redoing the Dole Pineapple promo film in the Lanai. Tiki-bigwig Dug Miller is working on it right now - so you know it will be good!
I don't know how many audio tracks are used in the show - but I would venture to guess there is more than 10... The sound is very good right now - a few years back they did redo the sound system (even though they took out the "Tales of Offenbach" section) - the seats in the back really rumble now during the War God Chant!
At least I'm not hearing Disneyland management threatening to tear to show out any more! Rolly Crump (Lanai Tiki Gods designer) told me that they were thinking about tearing it out & donating it to the Smithsonian!!!
Anyway - everyone in SoCal should go & enjoy this show while they still can. Its the only one left that hasn't had the show radically changed from the original...(Hope they don't turn it into a Lilo & Stitch review!)

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