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Tiki Menu Tragedy!

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The office cleaners accidentally threw out my vintage Hawaiian Gardens Menu! Waaaah!

Yes, the very one that started that big thread and hunt for Hawaiian Gardens a while back.

Don't you work at an ad agency where important graphic art is lying around regularily, not to be touched?
This reminds me of the famous Documenta incident where a cleaning lady wiped up Joseph Buys' "fat corner" that had turned an ordinary bathtub into an expensive artpiece.

I feel for you, a singular document has been lost...I really liked the text, and the look of that menu.

Oh man... I have the majority of my books, art & theme park memorabilia here in the office, while we have the house we just bought is worked on!
I sure hope that doesn't happen to me...

"Oh mystic powers - hear my call...
From my limbs, let new life fall..."

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Just keep everything at least 5 feet away from the recycling bin!

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