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Mai-Kai update

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Hello all,

Went to Mai-Kai last Saturday and thought you'd be interested to hear about it. When I drove up, I was pretty shocked to see most all the thatch removed from the roof, and bare plywood exposed. It had been pouring rain all day too, so the black plastic bags usually on the walls were increased 10 fold. Good news is, they confirmed that they're finally repairing the roof! No more leaks, eventually. I figured that's what they were doing, but I always shudder when I see "remodelling."

The employees were friendlier than in the past, although they are usually pretty nice. Food seemed better too, but smaller portions, which is fine with me. They do need to ease up on the MSG though! We finally got the mystery drink! It rocks. The Mystery Drink girl was fabulous. She was waiting in a corner for the gong player and waiter to arrive, and she wasn't talking or looking impatient, she was just totally focussed. She looked intense and really geared up. I'm sure that's part of the presentation, but I really appreciated it. It would have had less impact if one second she was like "yeah what's with this rain" and the next was entrancing and bewitching us. It was well worth the 35 or so bucks.

The show was fantastic as usual. Oh and they are still using Chiki Tiki mugs in the shop and for the Mara Amu drink. The regular Mai-Kai mugs are due in July. The Chiki Tiki mugs with "Mai-Kai Ft. Lauderdale" on them are only $5.50. I think they're really well done too.

The gods really tempted me that night at Mai-Kai. First, there was a Mai-Kai rum barrell by the mensroom, which I could have esasily stolen. I didn't. I did buy one. Second, and far more serious, while walking through the gardens, there was a small tiki on a window ledge, so it looks at a table thru a window. It was crooked, so I touched it, and it came completely off in my hands! Now it was easily small enough to fit in my bag of mugs. I was tempted of course. But I tried to just put it back where it was. It refused, so after some fumbling I placed it across the walkway in a sort of vase or something. I wanted it to be clear that it needs to be re-attached. I was SO tempted, but I know that it would have been a terrible thing to do. I hope it gets properly replaced. By the way, some kids at a table saw me and were laughing their heads off at me, which I did enjoy!

Mahalo for reading.



Otto did state, in one of the 2000 editions of Tiki News, that while ripping off Tikis is stictly forbidden, it is permissible if said tiki has been grossly neglected and subsequently suffers from low self-esteem.

Kentiki, you did the right thing leaving the tiki at the Mai Kai, even if it was neglected. The Mai Kai is really the best Tiki Temple still standing, so stealing Tiki's from it, no matter in what state, would probably bring you much bad mojo.

Thanks for the update! Last time I went, I noticed the food was much better as well, but we ordered off the regular menu, not the dinner/show menu.

I like the Chiki Tiki mugs as well - some of the glazes they are using are very cool!


A tiki may be liberated if it is endangered. That is, the building is going to be torn down or something. Good job saving that tiki. I hope management sees that tiki before a thief does...


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