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Tiki T-Shirts! A Shameless Plug

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Aloha everyone,
As an out of work designer, I needed to flex the ol' design muscle so I figured I'd have a little fun and hopefuly make a couple a' bucks too...
Anyway, here's some things I put together.

PLEASE let me know what y'all think of the designs so I can keep updating.

Rain posted on Sun, May 18, 2003 8:25 AM

the muggler has been trying to get me to do the cafe shops thing for months and i kept procrastinating.
now you've beat me to it.
and you've done a nice job as well.

"As an out of work designer..."

Sorry to hear there's someone like me out there too... I'm going on two years of not having a permanent design job... I do some temp projects here and there but its dead around Wisconsin...

How is design work in CA... in a slump?

Real nice work you did on the shirt prints... I've been flexing my creative muscle through carving tikis... makes me a few bucks along with the unemployment checks...

Good luck in your job search... hope things get better for both of us!

Shouldn't shameless plug's, if they should be anywhere, be in the 'Collecting Tiki forum?

*On 2003-05-18 22:56, Lake Surfer wrote:*How is design work in CA... in a slump?

CA is the same - 2 years - not much action for freelancers. But I get the feeling more work is slowly coming back.

oh and really nice shirts by the way...

here's my shamless plug for my shop http://www.cafeshops.com/lottalivin

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We have some cool Tiki Central shirts, most notibly this one:



And don't forget Atomic Tiki Wear - and Cherry girlie t-shirts, too...


Me too, Me too!

http://www.tikiking.com Neat Tiki and Ukulele Stuff
http://www.download.com/tikiking Hear the King sing!

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Love all the designs. Anyway they could be put on a bowling shirt or other type of retro-style. Or do you believe that it distracts from the original work?


I don't belive that's an option at cafepress...

Nice shirt designs Tiki Royale. I hope work picks up for ya. I have been keeping a steady flow of work the past few months here in the Norcal, definately not Hi dollar stuff though. I too think people are slowly starting to crack the their wallets again.
Well I dont have nothing for sale (except on ebay) but I do have a web site that is fun to peruse:



If anybody ever orders from me I'll faint, but....


Thanks for the support fellow TC'rs. I'll be cranking out some more designs in time for impending Luau season! Mai Tais always taste better in fine Tiki Royale threads. (You not the mai tai)

On another note... Chongolio, I dig your little movie clip. It really got me jonesin' for some surf.


[ Edited by: Tiki Royale on 2003-05-20 14:41 ]

There are some cool new items available at the Cherry Capri Cafe Press Shop, including some sexy new skimpy Cherry Capri camisoles and spagetti strap tops. Oh and for the rest of you, there's a new baseball jersey, too!
But my favorite item is the Surf Board for your Rodent." All right all right, it's just a mouse pad, but wouldn't we Tikifiles rather call it a surf board? That's what we do with 'em. Plus, they're on sale right now. So check 'em out along with the other new things...


Oh what the hell!

Me too!

I appreciate the "I worship false idols" shirt... I can't figure out why that irreverent aspect of tiki culture isn't mentioned much.

Are you atheist, agnostic, deist, pantheist, transcendentalist... Meet people who share your interest in rational religion in your town.

If you have any time left, here is my cool tiki bar.


A NON-POROFIT ORGANIZATION TIKI BAR PLUG. The drinks were changed to protect the hangovers.

u.b. tell that girl to get off the couch - doesn't she know how hard it is to keep white upholstry clean?

We have a few shirts and stuff you folks might be interested in, check us out:

"Protect Hawaii" t-shirts, etc.

"Drink All Day...Tiki All Night" t-shirts, etc.

"RJ's Tiki Hut" t-shirts, hats etc.


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[ Edited by: Hawaiian Mad Dog on 2003-11-07 14:27 ]

This is my kind of bandwagon!


I just hope I can measure up to the standard.

Nice stuff, if you get em on Black T's, I'd be interested. White material is a stain magnent. At least for me...

Thanks for the heads up!

[ Edited by: TikiGardener on 2003-11-07 21:47 ]


So how is the quality of a Cafe Press Shirt?

Are they iron on inkjet prints?

I've been thinking of putting a few of my designs on shirts with Cafe Press, but I'm afraid of the quality and the fade factor of iron-ons.

Yes they are iron on, but trimmed real tight and wear well. I've washed a few shirts 4-5 times and they still look new. The coffee mugs are awesome.

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