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Emerald Flash

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This book cover caught my wife's eye at the weekend:

A review notes, "Let's face it--no one reads a Charles Knief mystery for the excellence of the writing or the tautness of the plot. It's the Hawaiian setting, with its local Polynesian/Hawaiian characters, which is so alluring, and even the violence instigated by its underworld cannot dim that allure. From a marina in Pearl Harbor, to a chase at sea on the way to Kauai, to the top of the Waimea Canyon, with its 500 inches of rain a year, Hawaii sings its siren song, and the reader follows along, not really caring how plausible or tightly controlled the plot may be."

By the way, anyone know what restaurant the cover mug was used at? I've one of them myself, and it looks pretty ancient.

Trader Woody

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