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Krakatoa Lounge ??

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Memorial Day weekend 1988 we jumped onto a plane and landed in Washington D.C. and experienced what was one of the best mini vacations I've ever had. To this date, that trip still remains one of the funnest and most memorable of all my adventures. Three of us went and we kept a travel journal that i was just re-reading because I remembered that we sketched a tiki from a place called The Krakatoa Lounge.

After a long day at the Smithsonian and the Gaugin exhibit we were ravenous and went to a fantastic Italian restaurant called Isola Verde. The waiters were VERY friendly and gave us free drinks and wine and soon we were feeling no pain. Afterwards we went to this fun place called The Krakatoa Lounge which had a reggae bar downstairs.

Here's my BIG question: does this place still exist? I can't find anything about it on the internet. We all drew our own pen and ink interpretations of the Krakotoa Tiki (which I might add are pretty bad) and we even had people we had just met trying to draw him. I thought maybe I could find a picture of this Krakatoa Tiki so I could, ummmm, refresh my memory as to what it REALLY looked like. I would love to see any pictures of this place. We gathered matchbooks from some of the other places we went, but picked up nothing from The Krakatoa Lounge.

If anyone can help me with this puzzle, it's definitely someone here--thanks so much! I can't wait to find out something.

Krakatoa Clueless

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Freakishly enough, the answer to this question was already here and recently posted:


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