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HELP! hukilau spam attack...

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is anyone else gelting an email from the hukilau folks every 2 minutes?
how can i make it stop? who can get a hold of them?

Yes, I am too! and whatever ya do, don't reply, even if it's to ask them to stop--

Because then...

All your replies start bouncing back too! I just had a helpless giggle fit, it's like a catch-22, Twilight Zone-type scenario. No way out!

Unfortunately, I don't know who to contact, but perhaps Hanford does?

i did email them and now am getting multiple replies back about that !!!!

it's like an I love Lucy episode at this point...


I emailed them at their hotmail account to avoid being added to the list and multiplying the emails. I entitled the email, "1,000,000,000 Hukilau emails can't be wrong". ha. I don't think it did any good, but i hope the madness ends soon.

Meanwhile, delete, delete, delete. ::: sigh :::


Hey, futura girl...we posted our grumblings at the same exact time...even more Twilight Zonish!!

the donuts won't stop coming.....


We did it again...our planets must be in alignment. Let's go for 3 times or broke. (Are we in Vegas or the Twilight Zone...hard to say...)

Ready, set, POST!!

it's like an I love Lucy episode at this point...

I'm stuffing chocolates in my pockets and down my shirt and under my cap! MMPPHHH!!!


Tixivixen just stepped up to the table. She looks like a high roller. I think she's going to bet the Tiki Farm.

Ok, leaving now, hoping tomorrow this mystery will all be resolved.


Sometimes I just love my AOL
I just pushed the button that says "block"
I have not had one since.
That money I have been paying out finally payed off.


I tell ya, it's one thing to get all TikiCentral posts as e-mails (yeah, I read all of 'em too, as many as 200 a day sometimes - chatty tiki people...), but to get more than 80 of the SAME e-mail overnight?? Now THAT is ridiculous! It's easy to just delete 'em all without reading them, but what if there's an important one in there among all the spam?




They just sent me 76 copies of the same E-mail.


Tell me about it. I have been applying to all sorts of jobs and when I first saw that I had 95 unread emails, boy was I excited. Excitment over!


This morning I opened my email to 103 emails waiting for me, Yipee...People love me! 102 from Hukilau emails? It's sad to get 1 email about someone passing, but 102, first thing in the morning. The 1 other email waiting for me was just a "apply instant credit card application" Not one email from someone who knows me.... Now I really am bummed. LOL!


Oh Lord I am sorry! On top of a birthday hangover I get an email from the web host saying the list has gone nuts and everyone got 88 messages and that's over 30,000 emails! The server had to be shut down!

I don't know what happened, but it's been stopped. The intention for us was to send as few news emails as possible, and then this happens.

I got 1700 emails myself!

Please forgive me. I will not spam you guys again. I swear. Luckily my web host is an old friend and he won't kill me, though he may want to.

No worries. That's one way to get the name out!! I made the mistake a while back by not "Blind Copying" a mass mail and a couple of the people are still using my list. They said they're not but we keep getting their info on private e accounts. God damn E mail! Can't live with it, can't live without it!



Okay, if anyone cares, here are the gory details of what happened. Perhaps someone will not make this mistake themselves.

The list was set up for [email protected]. I got all the email addresses together from everyone and sent that whole file to the subscribe program. The email for news must have been in there too. So, it made a circular loop.

If you sent an email to news, it got sent out to news again because news was a member of the list. And on and on and on. It sent out messages over and over forever.


No worries, Swanky, it was just an honest mistake any one of us would make.

Besides, my email account has a rosy glow and a goofy grin on its face this morning -- it hasn't had that much action in ages.


Endless spamming emails remind me of senseless rumors spreading like wildfire.

Hey, did you hear the one about how if you got a Hukilau spam, you get a free Hukilau mug?

On 2003-05-19 09:33, SugarCaddyDaddy wrote:
If you got a Hukilau spam, you get a free Hukilau mug!

Oh cool! Is it one mug per individual piece of Spam or one mug for ALL the spam, because I haven't deleted all mine yet!

Where do I go to get my mug?



Happy belated Birthday, Swanky!!! i hope it was fun with the exception of the email snafu!!

We're all getting FREE Hukilau Mugs? woohoooo! Gotta love those rumours. I was thinking I might trade one of my Mondo Tiki mugs for a Hukilau mug if the opportunity arose, but this is even better.

(we are really making Swanky's head throb now)


This has given me the idea to figure out how to subscribe the majordomo lists to themselves all over the world, thus crippling every mail server on the Internet, and perhaps the Internet itself! Luckily I have no idea how to do that. But give me enough rope and I can kill my own mail server. They had to turn the thing off it was getting so hosed.

Now the real delimma. We get this fixed, how do we dare send an apology email? It was awfully ironic that the email that get spread everywhere had that apolgy in the title.

We are looking at other options now.

  • Swanky wrote:*
    Now the real delimma. We get this fixed, how do we dare send an apology email?...We are looking at other options now.

No apology needed....just make the above Hukilau mug rumor come true. That would be apology enough! :lol:


Actually, I kinda of enjoyed it as it was way better than the usual junk related to credit card debt reduction and viagra on-line. I kept on opening hoping that it was like the lottery and one of them was going to tell me that it was actually an all expense paid trip to the festivity. Take that over a tiki mug (of course I am looking at the bigger picture).

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