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1962 International Trade Fair, Chicago, IL (other)

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Name:1962 International Trade Fair

Tiki style had saturated Chicago by 1962, spilling over into the International Trade Fair that year.

A featured event of the 1962 International Trade Fair was a Hawaiian Water Ski show, along the shores of Lake Michigan.

The Hawaiian skiers do their tricks in front of a man-made floating island created just for the show. You can see the fake palm trees, native hut, and something else familiar...

:up: Are those actual tikis on a floating island in Lake Michigan?

Why yes they are!

"Robert Wilinski, president of the United States Marine Raider Association, and Captain Joseph Chmlik, USMC, studying the mock plans for an assault on the Chicago lakefront, July 23, 1962 for the upcoming International Trade Fair festivities. Spying in the background are Meister Brau Water Skiing Show beauties Joanne Cotichelli, Jackie Andrews, and Florence Imber."

Those tikis must have been made of some kind of foam material to be light enough for the floating island. Sadly, this was probably one of the shortest lived tiki locations. I'm sure it was dismantled soon after the Trade Fair. Probably only existed for a week or so.

did you just say Meister brau !?????

well, in that case......"CLICK !!!!"

Great find, Sabu! Especially to see that the HAWAIIAN Water Ski Show used MOAI as their decor. :) Love the hut - on stilts, too. Basically the palm trees are the only possible Hawaiian thing on that raft. Perfect Polynesian pop!
Too bad the photographer framed the shot for the babes, not for the Moai. Jeez, what's wrong with people! :wink:

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