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ANNOUCNEMENT: Tiki Central Server Follies

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Hi all,

Hanford here with a quick update about the site:

A bunch of crazy things are happening this week which may make Tiki Central unavailable for a short period.

The things that are happening are:

1 My websever is running low on space.
2 The server is being moved around and being worked on
3 I am taking care of some personal matters that make it difficult for me to get a lot of time to work on this right now.

So if number 1 or 2 cuases the site to go down, number 3 might keep me from getting to it right away.

However, I am trying really hard to get to it ASAP so hopefully I'll have it fixed before anything drops the site.

If the site is dropped, it will only be temporarily (it went down for an hour last night, around 2am West coast time)

Please hang in there!



you do a good job with Tiki Central. We all
appreciate your effort. Don't worry about it to much, this is a great site.


Do what you must. It's OK. If I have to pick up something less addicting, say ... Heroin, I'll do it.

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