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Lola Lo, Norwich, Norwich, UK (bar)

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Name:Lola Lo, Norwich
Street:Bank plain

The second Bar/ club for Lola Lo, situated in the centre of Norwich City.
Whilst there are many elements similar to Lola Lo in Brighton, Norwich's Lola Lo also goes further with the
Pin up Girl stranded on Easter Island concept,with more Rapa Nui carvings and Rongo Rongo glyphs.
There is a small upper bar with traditional elements with a bridge leading to the lower bar and dancefloor.
Much like Lola Lo in Brighton it is aimed at a young crowd and Norwich is heavily populated with students, so if you want a quiet drink arrive early or get in later and expect a party.

Alright, guys!: Raising a new Tiki generation! -far from it's original shores :D

Here is some eye Candy


"Don't drink water, fish f*~k in it" W.C. Feilds

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Ouuuuh man, this kills me! Those kids don't even know how lucky they are! I think the they should have SOMEONE do a slide lecture on where this all came from! :wink:
Yeah right, as if after studying all day they would want to THINK while they drink... :D

That entrance looks like it is in a CHURCH !?

Another beautiful neo tiki design!
Time for a UK tiki road trip me thinks.



Amazing work !
That moai is big and looks so cool. Wow !

Stirling work, as usual. virtual backslap

Yes, yet ANOTHER stellar example of how elegant and contemporary Tiki/Polynesian pop style CAN look.

Jamie, I am so curious about ANY reactions to this and your other places: Is there any press about any of them? Is there any awareness of "Tiki Style" in the media and clients? Or do they just write it off to the success of the Mahiki? Or do they not even make that connection. And all they say and get to hear is "This is what they call a "Tiki Bar". And then go about their merry way drinkin' and shaking their booty.

Part of the reason why Tiki was never defined as its own style in America in the mid-century was that nobody connected the dots. Folks were aware of THEIR town's Tiki temple(s), and maybe one or the other in other places, but never of ALL of it.

Thanks Guys.

Sven, there has not been much press that has covered and understood Tiki Style, maybe this is partly down to my own lack of PR Savvy, but the Bars have created press as in Mahiki (although more about who goes through the doors than why), and the trade press always features our work.

Tiki Bars here are not generally seen for the intricacies of the style, but as a place for a good night out to drink fun cocktails and in general I am happy with that. They at least enjoy the surrounding and through the thousands of people that go to these bars maybe a handful will "get" it and from that a new generation of enthusiasts will be born and more traditionally "Tiki" Tiki Bars will be born for the true connoisseurs.
But as we all know, a small handful of people can not keep an industry alive (as in bar and restaurants), some people are in it for the love but most as a business, and we have to accept that.
The Bar and drinks industry definitely knows there is something in this "Tiki" thing, but they are not that willing to delve too deep.

Maybe I should put together a press offensive of my own, hit the papers for features, contact design magazines, there certainly is something going on as we have enough projects to see us through the next year. It comes down to having the time to do it, PR companies have easy ways to the right people but they charge an arm and a leg.
Interestingly the recent Exhibition we have been involved in on how Moai have affected Pop culture has created quite a bit of National press.

Top shelf stuff, can't wait to get back across the pond!

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Hey, as long as you are as busy as you are, you have no need to do P.R. Maybe 30 Years from now one of the students frequenting your bars now will write a book on the British Tiki bar wave. :) Perhaps the key to the success of Tiki is blissful ignorance of its origins and larger context. Except, that is, for the creators of the havens.

This Lola Lo closed in June 2015.

(Please change status to defunct.)

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