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Evangelo's, Santa Fe, NM (bar)

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Street:200 W. San Francisco St
City:Santa Fe

Featured in the 2010 movie "Crazy Heart" with Jeff Bridges, this now dive bar was formerly a genuine tropical bar (although I do not know if there were once tikis). The original owner, Greek immigrant Evangelo Klonis, served in WWII in the European and Pacific theaters; he is famous for a Life Magazine photograph snapped of him at the invasion of Normandy - a grizzled soldier with a cigarette dangling from his lips.
In the classic story, Klonis brought back some of the South Pacific with him, including the fishing floats, tapa drum lamps, and rattan cage lamps. He got them all in the Philippines, says his son and current owner Nick Klonis (Evangelo passed away in 1989). Nick said that "the place used to be covered in grass matting and bamboo. It was like a jungle in here!"

Time took its toll, however and when the 40 yr-old decor crumbled, Nick replaced it with ocean-themed carvings: seahorses, fish, shells, etc. But several original lamps remain, as do patches of tapa and bamboo that apparently once covered the walls.

When asked about drinks, Klonis answered, "Yea, we had those big tiki drinks [gesturing something the size of Trader Vic's kava bowl]! Monkey's Paw [I think he said] - you name it!"
And did they come in special mugs?
"Yea, we had 'em made for us! You needed those long straws for them. But I'd only serve them up here [at the bar]; otherwise, people would steal them!"
No, none were ever made with the bar's name on them ("Nah, people would steal 'em!"), and the few remaining ones are at his mother's home now, so I have no idea what kind of mugs or scorpion bowls they actually were. {No, he wasn't willing to go home and bring me back some that night! Ha! Yes, I asked!)

Live music is currently featured in the evenings, primarily blues and older rock. It is located half a block from The Plaza, downtown.

The article that Martiki posted (and which pointed me towards this place) is here:

with which he started this thread:

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Cellphone [aka "high quality"] shots taken Thanksgiving week, 2010

The ceiling:

View of newer carvings on bar (note the row of fish under the upper shelf):

Detail of bar stool:

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