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Free TiKi fOr Denny/Baxter Burned CD?

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Hey fRiends,
I'm doing my senior art show at Cal Poly in a 1960's mOdern hOme. The beauty is on the inside but unfortunatelly no picts.
I'm creating an archeological room where the artifacts are my TiKis tHat I've been cArving fOr the past 3 mOnths... tHat's a lot o tikis! The sHow will be at night with the only lighting from a few blue and green low wattage bulbs and a projection on the ceiling of the 1940's movie "Hawaii" Here's where yOu cOme In! I want to have mArtin Denny's "Afrodesia" playing and maybe sOme Les Baxter, although I've only heard the "afrodesia". WOuld anyone be willing to send me a burned copy of these and I'll pay you in TiKi! Either a Tangaroa palm frawn mask, oR a 7" hi Tangaroa Dash diety or something similiar? PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE, PLEASE! sorry for the long post.
here's a picture of similar stuff...

Either post here or email me PLease! I'll send the tiki to you after the show. To appease the copyright gods, I'll send them a tiki too... or I'll just buy one for real when I'm out of school and gots money.

Homeboy, I'm on it like dog gone it

e-mail or private message me an address, I can have a SLEW of Denny/Baxter/whaddevah done up in no time.

sounds like a really cool project... i could burn you a copy of the Exotica Trilogy I or II that were given to us by the one and only Sven.... that would be really nifty background music for an art project like what you have planned.
which cal poly are you at if you're writing from Ventura?
and what's your time frame?

On 2003-05-19 22:58, tikitony wrote:
unfortunatelly no picts.

no picts? no picts? why would their blue skin paint get on the furniture? No picts but plenty of Vikings i bet.:)


Thanks everyone for the fast responce. The show is in two weeks at Cal Poly, San Luis Obispo, I'm from the Ventura area, and thats where I carve usually, but I live in SLO for school. The show will probably be in two weeks, Wednesday June 4th at 8:30ish, but things don't always go as planned. Tikimonkey, thanks I sent you an email.
Futura Girl, Sounds gOOd, wHich ever you think is best. I'll email you my address. When the show is finished, I'll post pictures of the show, and the trade goods!


On 2003-05-20 04:52, atomictonytiki wrote:

On 2003-05-19 22:58, tikitony wrote:
unfortunatelly no picts.

no picts? no picts? why would their blue skin paint get on the furniture? No picts but plenty of Vikings i bet.:)

No doubt all of the picts are in a cave somewhere grooving with several species of small furry animals.


Give it up to Martin for the super-old-skool musicological reference!


Hey tOny!

Looks like you've been a busy boy at school. Glad to here things are going well. Hope your show is a hit.


O.T. Holy Smokes Martiki6, I thought I was the only one and my gang of dazed friends (should spell it "fiends" but I won't go there) who ever heard that Pink Floyd song, "Several species of small furry animals gathered together in a cave and grooving with a pict." Anyone who knows that song is a friend of mine, eternally.
"Set the controls for the heart of the sun!" WHOOAA!

[ Edited by: jungletrader on 2003-05-21 17:41 ]

tHanks trustar,
eNding mY uNdergRad with TiKi... doesn't get any better than that.. And tHanks again to TikiMonkey, fOr hookin' mE uP wIth mOre aUditory iNdulgence tHan I cAn hAndle... I'm gonna have tO rEpay with a gNarly TiKi!


hEy guys,
here's the update of the show. Unfortunatelly, do to security reasons I couldn't do my show in the 60's mOd haus. Thanks to tikimonkey, I had mArtin dEnny's "aFrodesia" playing thru surround sound speakers hidden behind tikis. My instructor, who's very elitest when it comes to post-modern art was giggling like a school girl when he was in the "tiki room" and surprisinglly, he loved it, and asked to buy the tiki portrait of him...

this one's a tiki of my professor

here's the pitched bamboo roof and moai face of my "head case" tiki mug shelf.

lower half of the "head case" tiki mug shelf.

Some "fish" netting I got from some abandoned baseball cages on campus worked out great!

tangaroa head

full shot of the room, a little distorted. It wasn't this bright inside. On the upper right wall above the masks, I projected the movie "Hawaii", well just the scene's of the marriage between the brother and sister when they're dancing around a bunch of tikis, and then the scene when the minister is knocking down some "heathen" tikis.

An outrigger canoe with a small tiki head on for the prowe.

Tangaroa again! tHis one I gave tO my girlfriend's mom fOr hEr birthday, sHe lOves him.

tHis is another tiki of another professor of mine.

mY attempt at the bRady Bunch tiki, I haven't scene the episode in a couple years.

tHe University aRt gAllery coordinator bought tHis mOai Lamp.

here's the link to all the pictures on shutterfly... http://www.shutterfly.com/os.jsp?i=67b0de21b33de2a20572&open=1


Man those are some crazy Tikis!!! I'm sure you did well!


Neato! I dig all the tongaroa masks lined up.


Tikitony, you...f*****g...RULE!!! As a guy who has both a wife and a brother from an academic fine-arts background, who had to witness every bit of agony they were put through by profs and "peers" who saw art only as a vehicle for protesting one thing or another (the artist's duty, you know), it pleases me no end to see the courage and individuality you display here! What an awesome installation, could it be that even academics are sick of art that looks like, and maybe is, a cat's guts on a platter?


aloha, emspace.


thanks mattfink, BasementKahuna, emspace,
Correct on that one emspace, their is a resurgence in the beauty of "the object" in art lately. I think the hyper real environments of places like Disneyland, Chuck E Cheeses animitronics, Madonna Inn, etc. are old enough now that artists will begin to use these more and more as inspiration in the field of installation art. The art world is suppose to be a free and open environment for creativity and commentary but its soO damn limiting sometimes. tHanks fOr the response

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