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Tiki destinations in Colorado?

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I've looked everywhere, but there doesn't appear to be a single tiki destination in Colorado. Does anyone know of one that isn't someone's basement bar?

Try The Castaways in Manitou Springs. They call themselves a "Pirate" restaurant now. However, they were originally a tiki place, and much of the midcentury tiki decor remains in place (along with some non-tiki additions like flamingos and giraffe??). Overall it has a great dark atmosphere. I can't vouch for the drinks, but a true tikiphile should dig it there.

I should add that they have themed rooms so be sure and ask to be seated in the tiki or polynesian room or you might end up in the nautical area.

If you want to pay homage to a closed Denver tiki bar, the location of Tiki Boyd's is still there, albeit in a wretched form. It's in a motel on the main drag,across from the Ogden Theatre. I moved there, only to discover it had closed months earlier...alas. Happily, Minneapolis has Psycho Suzie's, combining my interests in tiki and evil music.

My last post got deleted in the hard disk failure. It is a dark time in Colorado for tiki but here is my suggestion. Heaven Dragon in western Arvada is a magical place and they really do their tiki drinks right. The blue neon sign outside is awesome, the interior is tasteful and relaxing. It actually manages to "feel" mid-century without have one stick of retro about it. Their volcano is real - they substitute the sugary mixes for tons of alcohol. Gin makes a frequent appearance. Their bartender takes pride in his concoctions and they even have a few vintage (or at least vintage looking) mugs. The cantonese is amazing too and the puu-puu platter is included in the deluxe dinner. Take my advice - it is better than going to the ramada and feeling sad.


There are 3 places in Colorado now. Up in Estes Park, Mountain Munchies (the hotdog place) opens their tiki bar in the summer. I haven't been yet, but it looks fun. Next up is the marina at Lake Dillon. At the Pug Ryan's Steakhouse and Brewery, they open a tiki bar in the summer. I don't think that they have any exotic cocktails, just basic bar stuff and their own beer. Adrift is last on the Colorado list, and it is great! Check out their facebook page ( facebook.com/adriftbar ) which is pretty comprehensive. Here is a picture from The Denver Post:


Pacifica Seafood and Raw Bar (up in Aspen) is doing tiki tuesday each week. Their Facebook page is https://www.facebook.com/pages/Pacifica-Seafood-Raw-Bar/204862783099?fref=ts

This isn't tiki but its the best Hawaiian food in Colorado.

Okale Maluna Hawaiian Grill in Greely, CO.


Not quite a full-time destination, but Pacifica (in Aspen) is doing Tiki Tuesdays. Today is the last one until the summer season, though. http://www.tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=45128&forum=4&1


Not quite tiki, but L and L is now in Aurora, CO



It looks like Adrift in Denver is getting a signature mug! https://m.facebook.com/poptiki?id=36658571228&_rdr


It looks like Adrift in Denver is getting a signature mug! https://m.facebook.com/poptiki?id=36658571228&_rdr


Can someone copy and paste for us non-Facebook users?





I'm going to be in Denver this weekend. Would love to hit up Adrift. Any confirm whether they started using their signature coconut mug yet?

The Wahine and I will be in Denver and Estes Park for a long Halloween weekend this year. Besides Adrift, are there any new suggestions for good Tiki cocktails and/or atmosphere? I checked out the places previously mentioned on this thread, but they're pretty much all closed, with the exception of Heaven Dragon, which I've added to my list.


On 2015-09-10 05:05, Kahiki Guy wrote:
Besides Adrift, are there any new suggestions for good Tiki cocktails and/or atmosphere?

Not for Tiki, but you gotta hit Casa Bonita for atmosphere if you're there!!! http://www.casabonitadenver.com/

Mahalo LT! I've already got them on my list. Looking forward to it.

I'll be heading to Denver in February. First time. So what, besides Adrift and Casa Bonita, do I need to check out? If I were to find a place to stay on AirBnb, what area should I try to zone in on?


Slacks, are you going for a concert? :wink:

I'll be there in Feb as well.

Yes indeed. I AM going for a concert.
A reunion of one of my faves....one that rhymes with "Keen"

All 3 nights like me? We should figure out a time to meet up and get a drink at Adrift!


Slacks, I had some great cocktails at the Willams & Graham when I was there 18 months ago. It's a "speakeasy" bar/restaurant, not tiki. But the drinks were great! I think my friend had made reservations, which seemed helpful b/c the place isn't that big.


Looks good to me Finky, I'll add it to my list for sure. Thanks!

No secret passwords to get in or anything?

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Another good spot is my basement tiki bar a few minutes from the venue. :) I am still looking for a ticket (I'd blame having kids or adult responsibilities but I really saw it was happening back in November, didn't set a reminder, and then forgot until I saw the damn marquee on the way back from Longmont last weekend.)

Anyway, when I find a ticket, I'll let you know which day and offer an invite to my tiki bar fer a drink before or after.

As far as AirBnB goes, the venue is between Denver and Boulder. I'd say the, uh, brownest time is going to be in Boulder - with better public transportation. South Broadway near Adrift is also cool but farther from the venue. Broomfield and Westminster (where I'm at) are closer to Denver but mostly boring suburbs. Casa Bonita is great, I can even tell you the secret of how to eat there and not get sick. Hope that helps!


Yes. I'm there for all three nights! Exhausting? Perhaps...

Anyway, I found a room near Adrift and South Broadway for one night, and then after that I'll be staying closer to the venue with my cousin.

Thanks for all the replies...and Gabba...what's the secret to not getting sick at Casa Bonita?


Yes! Please share the secret about how to eat at Casa Bonita and not get sick!

In the meantime, for any Casa Bonita newbies, here's my write up on the place from my visit there back in 2011:

And here's a recent Casa Bonita video from Zagat:

gabbahey, thanks for thinking of us out of towners. Before the concert would be better for me, I have been in poor shape after many of these shows... I will let you know if we have any extra tickets.

I will be getting in on Friday morning and leaving Monday night. No plans in the daytime, if anyone wants to get a drink hit me up!


Alright, I was able to get tickets for Sunday. I'd be up for meeting at Adrift for a drink on that Friday. They open at 4:00pm during the winter and I work nearby.

Anyone want to do a mug trade? I've got a bunch of cool doubles and am always looking to get anything I don't have. Just a thought.

As far as Casa Bonita, here is my theory on surviving the food. I used to think it was the hamburger meat that caused the distress but I have a new theory.

I think it is a combination of sugary margaritas, too much low grade nacho cheese and too many sopapillas. To that end, skip any tropical drink and instead go for the tall boy of PBR. It is odd, I know, that PBR is supposed to help your stomach in this case. Next, I like the #2 Green Chile Burrito with NO CHEESE - the kid at the front will probably get this wrong; you'll know you've done it right if they tell you your meal will be brought to the table (which they do for allergy meals). The fajita's are an okay option without having to special order but it is more expensive and not as good). Finally, only eat between one and six sopapillas.

I have the intestinal fortitude of an ill-bred dog and have had absolutely no problems with the food the last three or four trips using these rules.

YMMV, but at this point, I actually kind of like the #2 - the beans have a nice smokey flavor.

And thanks for all the coverage of Casa Bonita, Hakalugi, you've done a good job of capturing the feel of the place for people who haven't/can't get there.


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On 2016-01-11 14:12, gabbahey wrote:

Anyone want to do a mug trade? I've got a bunch of cool doubles and am always looking to get anything I don't have.

Yeah sure...maybe. Waddaya have in mind? Feel free to PM me.

So I will plan on being at Adrift at 4 or as close to it as I can on Friday. Hope to see you both there. I'll wear a Ween shirt so that you recognize me :wink:

Cool! I'll be there - it's Friday so I'll be in a Hawaiian shirt.


Looks like I'll be there in a couple hours too...tiki/ween fans! See ya at Adrift.

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