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How do you make a photo album in the Photo Archive?

Welcome Len Ho, Poly Pop and I love your dad's recording of Tiny Bubbles

Hi Len Ho,

Right now, you have to email me and ask me to make an album for you :(

I know it sucks but that's the way it works right now. I'm looking into fixing this but I didn't program it so it's gonna be a while.


Hiya Hanford,

for what it's worth... i finally got my gallery working... i ended up creating a "Guest" user with a password. then you have to go and edit the permissions on either the highest level or individual albums to allow "logged in" users the ability to add descriptions, albums etc. if you're on the same version you could probably do the same?

i love this gallery software... it's a very flexible program in that way and so far it's working with the few folks posting pics. i figure if anyone abuses the privilege - i'll just delete the guest user and re-think the setup then.

Thanks Futura Girl. Acutally I just set it up so that anyone can create albums (I just added "EVERYBODY" to the "create album" permissions list). The problem I was talking about earlier is actually renaming/adding descriptions for users. If you give everyone the power to do that, they can also delete them and rename them at will, and I didn't want that for fear of accidental deletion and/or mangling. :D



uh oh - is that considered a useless post for the purposes of increasing my number of posts :)

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