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Tiki Bong's Member Status Changing!

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Congrats to Tiki Bong -- in just 5 more posts, his status will be changing from Tiki Socialite to ?????

I am totally disgusted at the thought of merely posting messages for the sake of raising one's number of posts. As you recall Pop, you dismayed many members during your last little posting war episode.

mig posted on Tue, May 20, 2003 11:31 AM

Tsk tsk--

Now now, kids. You know the old rule: if you don't have something interesting or pertinent to say, then don't say it at all.

Actually, that applies to this post too. Hmm.


Allright, I'm sorry!


I think you should apologize to each member individually. That's what 1,000 replies right.

mig posted on Tue, May 20, 2003 1:55 PM

Okay everyone-- as a proprietor here, I am going to ask for an advisory vote as to what Bong's new status should be.

So post your suggestions here, in this thread!


Please note the fine print: this is an advisory vote only, and does not necessarily mean that any suggestions here will actually become Bong's new status, as the management here may think his current status is appropriate. Void where prohibited. Only one entry per member unless you've got some really good ones. Bong need not be present to be roasted. For list of winners, please send SASE to: Bong's Status, PO Box 1001, Young America MN 55555, and include your name, address, and explanation why contests are always held in Young America MN.

Ok, I'll start! How about:

Founder - Int'l Tiki Day

or more appropriately:

Desparately Seeking Attention :)

**Poly-Pop ***

[ Edited by: PolynesianPop on 2003-05-20 14:24 ]

I vote for: "Crusty Ol'Tiki Bastard"

I second that.

Hey! Did I ever tell all of you I really like you! And that I'm leaving something from my vast collection to each and every one of you. And I'm thinking about finding a cure to whatever ails you. And I'll take care of your pet when you're out of town. And, ah..., I'm never gonna post annoying messages again which antagonize certain TC members.

(I don't think this is gonna go very well...)

On 2003-05-20 13:59, PolynesianPop wrote:

Desparately Seeking Attention :)

**Poly-Pop ***

How is it that someone with more posts than me is NOT "desparately seeking attention".







Heh heh, this is a little idea that was cooked up by the Special Agents. Glad to see it's going well.

Personally, I like "Paranoid Dopefiend".

But...Baxdog: It's all you. I'm waiting to hear what you've got. heheh



How 'bout "BONG - the OTHER white meat"?


To be really lame:

"Post Replyman"


On 2003-05-20 14:50, Tiki_Bong wrote:
Hey! Did I ever tell all of you I really like you! And that I'm leaving something from my vast collection to each and every one of you.

Ah yes, then the title is "Captain Wonderful"...though I've gotta admit "Paranoid Dopefiend" has a damn nice ring to it...

:), em.

Tiki Civil Servant
Tiki Catastrophe
Tiki Pharmacist
Tiki Sexy Lu-tellan

[ Edited by: Sabu The Coconut Boy on 2003-05-20 18:01 ]


im gonna second bong- the other white meat

Will the order of the Grand Imperial Water Buffalo please come to order...........I hereby christen Bong as our new, one and only Grand Imperial Poobah.

How about:


Ummmm how about .....
Cheerless Fearleader.
P.S. Sorry Bong I couldn't resist

"Trying too hard"

Better cut back on my posts then.....whoops!

Trader Woody

tiki bung! (hole!)

Erika posted on Wed, May 21, 2003 9:08 AM

How about Agent Provocateur?

On 2003-05-21 09:08, Erika wrote:
How about Agent Provocateur?

I know my vote probably doesn't count, but I like Erika's suggestion.

laney posted on Wed, May 21, 2003 9:45 AM

On 2003-05-21 07:41, RevBambooBen wrote:
tiki bung! (hole!)

:D :lol: :D :lol: :D

Tiki for my Bung Hole? I am cornholio!

[ Edited by: Laney on 2003-05-21 10:34 ]

Tiki Bong is one of Tiki's true faithful. He is the organizer of the OC Crawl events, Captain of "The Smoking Menehunes", Collector Extrordinaire, Surf Legend, Defender of all things Tiki and all around good guy. As a caring Tiki Father, Kevin is passing the torch of Tiki on to a new generation. Bong is a giant among men, he bestrides the world as a colossus. We can learn a lot from Bong.

To dismiss him as "trying too hard" is a crime. The Tiki Community should hang it's head in shame. To ostracize an important member of our Tiki Family is a black mark against our Ohana. For shame TC, for shame.

Bong doesn't need a new member status. He needs a theme song.

"Tiki Bong"
(sung to the tune of "Tom Slick")

On his lightning fast connection when he's sending mail.
He won't quit


Our Hero at Don Ho on Oahu.

[ Edited by: alnshely on 2003-05-21 10:14 ]


can't we all just get a bong

Bong doesn't care what we call him, now as for Hula.......Tiki Central Poster Boy!


On 2003-05-21 10:26, hula hula wrote:

can't we all just get a bong

Nice one, Hula.

I don't think anyone is ostracizing El Bongo- I see it as good natured ribbing and I think Bong does too. Something will come of this that will reflect well on Bong, and let him stand out as a giant among paranoid dopefiends.


PS, the "trying too hard" ranking was not set up for Bong specifically... it's been set that way for 9 months or so, without anyone reaching it. Now that the joke's played out I've changed it to "Tiki Centralite Socialite" until we can come up with a better generic one that is not Bong-specfic. Bong, I hope there's not hard feeings! :)


Nice post Al, I almost chucked my corn flakes
Bong this and Bong that, all you saps played right into the fact that Bong has to have someone touch him 24 hrs a day.
ME ME ME "talk to me" "touch me" "don't ever leave me alone" " I will never be happy because Pop kicked my ass", well Boo-flippen-Hoo
Why can't we roast him until he is med. rare then rub salt on him.
Would he hold back on any of you?
So here is my 1 penny

The THC of TC
Computer Surfer
Officer in training
TC surf Captain
Bong juice
The old guy
I really like Bong the other white meat BUT
If you know and love Bong as we all do, I think
And Bong if I get wind of you puttin' down the SLIDE ("I not good enough") I will hunt you down and personally kick your ASS.

Someone please tell me WHY that reject from a Star Trek Convention, Martin gets a Special agent name at less than 500 posts??
OOOH I get it, he lives close to the BOSS
wink wink nod nod!!!

Bong get mad at a little light-hearted ribbing? Not even!

I do however have a good colleague that's an IRS auditor interested in such things as under-the-table construction jobs, under-reported tips, ebay transactions without sales tax remittance (yes it's required), and any other unreported income!

Now, where's that list of members?

On 2003-05-21 10:00, Alnshely wrote:
The Tiki Community should hang it's head in shame. To ostracize an important member of our Tiki Family is a black mark against our Ohana. For shame TC, for shame.

Oh Al you are so right! Sniff. sniff...I want to change my entry to:


I love you Bong! Will you have my babies? :tiki:

On 2003-05-22 08:59, Atomic Cocktail wrote:
I love you Bong! Will you have my babies? :tiki:

I think I just did.

That's it! I think Tiki Riviera stumbled upon the perfect name for a precocious poster such as Bong - TIKI GEEK!

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