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When to split bamboo poles?

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When splitting bamboo poles in half, is it best to wait for the bamboo to cure and turn from green to gold, or cut it as early as possible?

I have split alot of bamboo. It does not seem to matter if it is green or aged. It is better to split it before it starts to crack. I use a thin kerf, 60 tooth blade on a 10" table saw or radial arm saw. The blade will dull fairly quickly compared to use on regular hardwood. If you are going to split alot or often, it pays to get a good blade (over $40) and have it sharpened when it gets dull. You will know its dull when the cutting slows down and it starts to smell hot.
Also, Vaughn makes a pull-saw with fine teeth that works very well for cross-cuts with very little splintering at the ends. I got one at Home Depot for about $20.
Always wear gloves and goggles!

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