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Shangri-La, Juarez, Mexico (restaurant)

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Street:Avenida De Las Americas


Here is one for Zeta.

Shangri-La Chinese restaurant located on Avineda de
Las Americas in Juarez, Mexico.

I picked up this postcard showing the exterior of the restaurant with a Chinese motif.

But wait, what's this? Some repeating A-frame and outrigger beam Tiki elements.

Back of the card

I found some current photos on the web looks like it may have had some Poly Pop style back in the day with a nice Bamboo wall and furniture..

Tropical trees and lava rock..

And water features.


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Zeta posted on Mon, Jan 10, 2011 10:33 PM

Ole! Ole! Ole! (Triple Ole!) I think I see a fake palm tree! Seems like evidence enough for an exhaustive investigation! I will put it under my pile of Mexican Tiki places to go to. The weirdest thing is that the Chinese symbol seems to be the same as the one on House Of Ming In Madrid! Spain!

Thank you DustyCajuno!

Zeta posted on Mon, Jan 10, 2011 10:37 PM

Here is my theory...

It's a Chinese restaurant (there is a big Chinese population in Chihuhua, they stayed after finishing the railroad tracks) with a Polynesian Bar. The only picture we are missing is the one of the Bar. Typical.

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