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Tiki Bars in NC, SC or GA????

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I'm a relative novice to the whole concept of anything related to tiki, but I've developed a taste for it. It all started with Buffett, and has most recently ended with me going through heaps of junk in a thrift shop. Not my best day, but I did end up with a vintage Hawaiian tiki and two mugs, so well spent. Anyway, enough rambling. I'm looking for a tiki bar/lounge in NC, SC or GA, and I have no idea where to begin. Can anyone out there give me some direction?

For starters, pick up a copy of James Teitelbaum's book "Tiki Road Trips"--tons of info on tiki bars past and present, all over the US! Keep it in your car, it's most useful...


Here's a related thread on TC:


Not to mention, try putting those states into the search function here on TC and see what you get!



laney posted on Wed, May 21, 2003 4:46 PM

Hi, Parrothead, just a warning, there are a LOT of people on this board who don't like Buffett and think anyone into tiki should hate Jimmy. Well there are plenty of us parrotheads here too (you know who you are) So don't be scared off by the "haters" I am a fan and go to 2-3 shows a year here in So. California.

I WOULD like to point out that the more people into tiki the better for all our beloved bars/restaurants and carvers. So cheers to Jimmy Buffett for bringing us more tiki lovers to help preserve our joints! So BE NICE!

Sorry, I can't answer your question, though, unless you move to So. CA. Welcome, Laney

Aloha Parrothead Mike,

Glad you found Tiki Central. I was wondering, what was it the Jimmy Buffett did/does that sparked your interest in Tiki?


On 2003-05-21 16:46, laney wrote:
Hi, Parrothead, just a warning, there are a LOT of people on this board who don't like Buffett and think anyone into tiki should hate Jimmy.

We don't hate Jimmy Buffet, just his music! (well, some of us do) :wink:

I won't hold it against you Mike, my Mom loves Jimmy Buffet and I still love her!

Here is a place On the beautiful Outer Banks of North Carolina.



Well, it all started with my stepfather in 1983. I was a mere babe, and he constantly listened to Buffett. I got hooked at the ripe age of 5, singing along to the songs I knew. Since then, I've turned into a Parrothead, right down to the personalized tag. Anyway, I go to three or four shows a year when I can, and this year, Buffett is on the Tiki Time Tour. Seeing all the vendors selling tiki crap (in my opinion) got me curious about the whole culture, so I embarked on a quest to learn as much as I could. I've picked up a couple of vintage hawaiian shirts, two vintage carved tikis, two new carved tikis, two new tiki mugs (for mai tais), and 5 or 6 vintage mugs. I am a collector at heart, and tiki is one more addiction I've discovered. Had it not been for Buffett, I think tiki would have passed me by. An added bonus was to Emeril's new place in Florida Chop Tchop, or something along those lines. Had a blast, and love the whole feel of tiki.


I'm originally from SC, lived in Atlanta for 12 years, and now in DC. NOt sure where you are located, but you must visit Trader Vics in Atlanta. I'm told there is a noveaux tiki place in Greenville, SC (my old hometown) called Tiki Bobs. I'm quoting another board member when I call it "the horror that is Tiki Bob's".

For those who know anything about SC, I am from Honea Path, SC, in Anderson County. It's basically a hole in the wall, but it's home.

Trader Vic's in Hotlanta can't be beat, although the Kon Tiki Paradise Room in Clayton, Ga. has great drink prices :) , and there is the Omni Hut in Tennesee. Now, Florida is dynamite and full of uncharted forgotten tiki culture....Hell, the Mai Kai is the easily the greatest one ever, period.

Heck, Parrothead, I once (under the influence of a particularly potent tiki libation... prolly Budweiser) climbed to the top of the Belton Water Tower at about 2:00 in the AM. This was, of course, years ago and I was simply practicing up on my youthful stupidity.
Anywho... I made it back to Greenville and have kept my feet on the ground since. AND OUTSIDE of Tiki Bob's Cantina (which is not a real tiki bar by any stretch). Nither is the Freak Tiki in Myrtle Beach. Both of these places have recently held "Pimp and Ho Party" nights.
In NC there's a crappy little joint called the Geneva Riverside Motel and Tiki Bar in Lake Lure. It sits between the Rocky Broad River and the Motel Swimming Pool and is little more than 90 square feet of deck. I doubt they even have rum, but you can probably quench your Jimmy Buffet thirst there just about any Friday Night during the summer months.
Trader Vic's in Atlanta is the place. Yessiree. I hear, too, of another spot called the Boom Boom Room opened recently in the Virginia/Highlands neighborhood (a review right here: https://tikicentral.com/viewtopic.php?topic=3264&forum=1 ). It can't possibly be as cool as Vic's, but any excuse to go to Atlanta is fine with me.
What it comes down to is this... The only Tiki places in the Carolinas tend to be Tiki in name only. This could change, though, if we all promise to spend a whole lot of money!

Hey Parrothead, I am planning on opening an authentic Polynesian paradise here in my hometown of Augusta Georgia. Basement Kahuna and I have been friends for years and he has gotten me hooked on the drinks and the fun. So, as early as this fall “The Beachcomber” might be open for your enjoyment. I intend to do this place right complete with second-to-none décor, music, signature mugs, swizzle sticks & matches emblazoned with my logo, and the key to it all…the best damn drinks this side of Trader Vic’s. Consider yourself invited to the grand opening. Best of luck with your thrift shopping and welcome to the club baby!

Eek! In Augusta!!! Is there gonna be any o' dem Irish Travellers there? Or any members of James Brown's family? Wow! Sounds really great! Logo Matchbooks, huh? Where Can I buy my tickets?

No tickets needed. I'll be giving the loot out for free to the TC crowd upon the first visit. Looked at a couple of places today and I am getting close....I can feel it getting closer everyday.

I too have climbed the infamous water tower. For some reason, after copious amounts of alcohol, it seems only too logical to climb to the highest point you can find. Never really understood that, but it holds true. Confirms my theory that anyone who jumps from a perfectly good plane must indeed be on drugs(or at least intoxicated.)

As for Augusta, I'll have to check that out. Love GA anyone. I'm a Bulldog fan, but only if the Tigers aren't playing........

Hey Mike, I was a paratrooper in the Army. A-I-R-B-O-R-N-E !!!

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