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Kon Tiki Resort, Camdenton, MO (motel)

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Name:Kon Tiki Resort
Street:64 Kon Tiki Circle

Recently a co-worker told me about a tiki themed resort that he remembered as a kid. His grandparents had a vacation house in the 70's close to the "Kon Tiki" resort at Lake of the Ozarks. He remembered large tikis near the gate, but little else. Another co-worker working in the area told us that it was still there and operational. On a recent drive in the area I stopped by and took a few photos. TIPSY factor not that high, but most every room had a small tiki hanging near the door. They did have a cool logo on their signs.

From the Kon Tiki website "Our guests tell us that for them, Kon Tiki is the perfect getaway spot—a place to unwind and relax, enjoy a wide variety of water sports or host the annual family reunion.

The resort is small and family–friendly. Nestled in a quiet, wooded lake front property with covered boat docks, a soft sand beach and enclosed swim area for kids, 2 deeper water swim platforms, game room, and a shaded lakeside picnic area. We are also very proud of our beautiful landscape and gardens.

Kon Tiki is a truly unique vacation experience. Situated on two and half acres of gently sloped and wooded land, Kon Tiki is large enough to allow guests to spread out their activities but still small enough to feel friendly and intimate. Our guests with children tell us the size of the grounds is perfect, because while there is plenty for the kids to do, parents can easily keep an eye on them (definitely not your high-rise condo complex with its own zip code).

Kon Tiki is continuously being updated, but still reflects its roots and mission as a “Mom and Pop” resort. Yes, Virginia, the lake resort you remember as a kid—with cozy cabins, screened in porches, picnic tables & BBQ pits, horseshoes (or now washers) and space to run around—still exists at Kon Tiki

Website: http://www.kontikiozarks.com

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