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Looking for large black lava rock

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Can anyone tell me where I can find large black lava rock? After much searching in this area I found an Ace hardware that had the golf ball size stuff (said they hadn't sold much in the last couple years.....everyone wants red).....anywhere in SoCal would be fine.....Mahalo

KRC Rockhttp://www.krcrock.com
These folks are located in North San Diego County. They are an incredible source for stone of all types. I purchased black and red lava stones the size of basketballs to build a retaining wall/planter in my back yard.


Thanks Monkeyman.......I will check it out....


Bongo....there's a place called Pisgah (sp?) Crater out by Barstow. All along the road leading to the crater and lava tubes you'll find black lava rock. It's been a while since we've been, but if you can get near the actual crater, you'll find very large chunks. We heard they've locked the fences leading to the crater, but it might be worth the trip to investigate.
Good luck.

Try Thompson's Natural Stone Yard on pch in Wilmington. (310)830-5584

You may be looking for what's called "featherlight" This is the big stuff you see carved into waterfalls and such. It is indeed fairly light and relatively easy to carve (I used a hatchet, but then don't I use a hatchet for every damn thing?). If you ask for featherlight rather than lava rock you might have better luck.


I think maybe "Featherstone" for carving I learned that along the way from "ELI."
But, if you're looking for "decor" lava, Pisgah might treat you right....I didn't see a cash register out there :)

Yeah Mrs. B, there is lava out there, as much as you can carry away. I haven't noticed if the road is locked up or not. But out here in the boonies there are ways around locks.I drive around out there a couple times a year. There are other places along the 40 you can get lava and lava and more lava. You just have to go find it. If you keep your eyes open, the chances of getting in trouble out there for illegal activities are pretty minimal. I don't know if taking a few lava rocks is illegal(I bet it is). But they have to catch you first! Bring your pick ax. Plus it might help if you get sent to the pokey. http://seis.natsci.csulb.edu/VIRTUAL_FIELD/Pisgah_Crater/pismain.htm


yup, see, it takes another smart gal to vouch.
Pisgah is rad.
Mahalo, Dawn
Aloha and cheers to you.

A good friend of mine(no pun intended) [email protected] has explored every inch of Pisgah. Many lava tubes out there. He does field trips once in a while for those of serious intrest in spelunking. Don't bug him unless you are serious. He just got back from Belieze(sp?) from an expedition the Gov. had him do for some caves there. Pisgah is a cool place to visit. Check it out soon before it gets too hot!


To late, yesteray got to 96 here, out on the lava I am sure it's already over 100. sizzle, sizzle, sizzle...

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