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Apologies and mahalos to House of Tiki patrons.

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I don't often post here (due to time constraints) but I do check out the site on a regular basis, and something I saw awhile back really got to me. There was some negative feedback about my store (in particular, one of my employees) I've also had friends and vendors tell me things about her attitude while I wasn't around that was incomprehensible! Since then alot has happened to remedy the situation, and that person is no longer working for me. As a small business owner, I rely on customer satisfaction and repeat business. And I just wanted to thank all those who voiced thier concerns and brought this to my attention. I only wish I could have caught it sooner!!! I sincerly apologise for any inconveniences and hope you will come back and give us another try. I just hired a fantastic young Hawaiian girl with a stong retail background, and a fresh energetic vibe. (not bad on the eyes either!!)Her name is Marie, so come by and say hi. Mahalos for all your support!!
PS In response to a question of shipping: We DO ship anywhere in the States and even beyond.

Hey! why'd you get rid of Wes?

Wow, it does smell better now that you changed your underwear!

Bax, uh, is that a joke or an insult?

I've never had a problem there. I still like you Wes.

I try to intermingle the two so that most people like me, or just want to kill me.
Most people that get to know me, WELL you might know if you showed up at the big events, gorilla boy got to see 250lbs fly through the air and land on his chest, next time I can do that for you also!
And don't most personal jokes have to be at least slightly insulting to be funny.
And have you ever smelled Wes's underwear, his dog won't even go in his room??

Bax, what are you doing smelling Wes' underwear? That's no way for 'OC father of the year' to act.

Bax (and everyone)

Sorry if I misunderstood your post. It's just the Tiki Central has a history or leaping on out-of-the-blue for-commerical-gain spam-like posts. I wasn't sure if the replies appearing in this thread was an attempt at scareing the guy away (as it often is in situations like this) or a friendly joke. From someone who doesn't know Wes or House Of Tiki, this topic looks particularly evil on the part of Tiki Central members. (A guy appologizes for bad service, and gets a lot of shit replies). So I thought I'd ask.

And I still don't know the answer, I guess. :(



We all know Wes and this is just good natured ribbing. Wes has attended Tiki Events and used to post under another name. Baxter and Wes are good friends. I have always had great service and a large selection of Tiki Merchandise at The House of Tiki. Highly recomended by O.C. Hoity Toitys, really great.
House of Tiki
1860 Newport Blvd.
Costa Mesa, Ca. 92627

Which is the Skipper, which is the Little Buddie

I missed the rude sales clerk, I have shopped at the House of Tiki whenever I am in the area, I have never been treated rude or nasty on my visits. It's a great little shop with lots of goodies to choose from.

Hanford, I am sorry I have to admit I was making fun of Wes to keep his post close to the top, I did this without his knowing. He is not on TC enough and I knew he would never read this. I was just backdoor spaming so he could get the message out.
I am sorry to all, for wasting your time.
But if I thought it would help your business, I would do it for you too.
I'm just a sad TIKI groupie.
That "employee" is my friend also.
Good luck to all, I will go away now

But if I thought it would help your business, I would do it for you too.

Hey Bax,

How bout a little help over here in H.B.??

Can I get some violins too???

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