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Fiberglas Tikis spotted

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A company known for fiberglas repros of gargoyles and other art objects just put some 2 and 3 foot Tikis in their catalog:


The taller one is an exact copy of the Tiki that appears on the 1963 Disneyland "Enchanted Tiki Room" poster. I ordered one of each and will post my opinion when they arrive. Also, check out the Tiki necklace. -Bryan


cool, i look forward to your review when you get them! how much was shipping?

Shipping for the pair (1 of each) was $20. I should add a note: the artwork on a Disneyland park brochure for the Enchanted Tiki Room dated 1963 looks identical to the 36" Tiki offered by Design Toscano. The artwork on the Disneyland poster for the Tiki Room (and the record album cover, on ebay a lot) has some minor diferences from the brochure and the fiberglas one from Toscano. They don't refer to it as a Disney artwork-based Tiki in the catalog but it clearly was sculpted as an exact copy. Anyone know the story behind it? -Bryan


Someone is selling one on Ebay. He started bidding only $30.00 more than Toscano is selling them for. http://cgi.ebay.com/ws/eBayISAPI.dll?ViewItem&item=1717800840

Received the 2 Tikis this week. The smaller one is solid resin and the taller one is hollow inside but has a solid base. What's nice is that they are detailed all the way around (not flat or hollow on the back like some I've seen). They are made in China so other than looks, they don't have any supernatural Tiki karma. They look just like wood and are kind of small over all. These would be awesome at 7 or 8 feet. -Bryan


So their made out of "resin" not fiberglass? Do they feel like plastic or what?


can you post any "real" pics of the ones you got?

I wanna get one, but would like to see better pics first



Hey.. anybody gonna fill us in....?


According to the website these tikis are already on backorder, so they're definitely popular. Tikiboy must be outta town or something, I've emailed him too but still no anchovies. Maybe someone here other than tikiboy has these or has seen them and can report the essential question: are they quality? are they worth buying?


I ordered the 2' tall tiki, and it's worth the 50 buh I paid. It has great detail and really does look like wood. And being resin, you don't have to worry about rot or bugs. I didn't like the large one, so I didn't order it. I can post pics if anyone is interested.

~ tikigreg


Here's a link to four pics. Each is on a separate page, links under photos. Enjoy!


~ tikigreg

I got the 2 footer and the larger one's on back order. It's a nice piece - it looks much more like wood then the KC Company tikis - I feel like it was a good purchase - I'll let you know as soon as I receive the other larger tiki.

I was wondering where they had gotten the Disney Tiki Room design from, but when I saw the Hawaiian one, it seemed pretty obvious. Maybe I should hit them up for samples, cause it's from page 184 of the Book of Tiki (sans breasts). My photo is a 18 inch wax candle. Granted, they could have an example of that design, I think it was a Hawaiian tourist item...yet, ONE could be a coincidence, but two?
In any case, the book is achieving my goal, the spreading of Tiki culture, by giving birth to many little new Tikis...

Has anyone noticed that the Toscano tiki mugs are identical to the ones from Archie McPhee?



The Toscano mugs are most likely made by Accoutrements. Archie McPhee is the retail part of Accoutrements.

A late comment: bigbrotiki, you ought to ask Toscano for a sample, especially as you could claim they're quoting you with the line "And the Gods were amused" (used on the website). Plus you could give them a blurb about the Tiki for their next catalog, just as Anne Rice did in the mid 80's for a wool cape in a Bannana Republic catalog.

Wow! Disney should get 'em - you too Sven.... That's such an obvious rip-off, ...er I mean homage.... yeah that's it! Anyway, I think http://www.designtoscano.com/catalog/prod_15448.html?Key=6E3524C07DB711D6B5A1003048108C13
is the correct link for the Tiki Room copy. Compare with my gif! They could have made it a little more like Rolly Crumps original sculpts though...


Mmmm. Upscale kitsch. I hate that low brow kitsch they sell at Target! In other words "expensive" kitsch.

And just waht are those 3 pleasures? They do not say and the tikis give little clue. Arms might be a pleasure the bottom one lacks. In our tiki culture, I'd say "Drinking, Listening and Ambience Soaking"


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