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Are there any Tiki Bars in Houston, TX?

According to the handy, inexpensive and extremely informative book 'Tiki Road Trip' by one Jimmy Teitelbaum, the Hawaiian Breeze has recently opened on Richmond between Chimney rock and Fountain view. Also, check out Tiki Island 40 miles south on IH45 just north of Galveston.

Good luck!

a less generic title might help you. i recommend:

"any tiki bars in houston?" or simply "houston".

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Yeah Chris, but YOu still cliked on the thread!

Give the newbie a break... well, unless they like to have sex with dolphins and climb mount Kilimanjaro nude while telepathing with the aliens. In which case, have at 'em!

just trying to help juliemcmullen find the information she seeks.

i meant no harm - only wanted to help.

there are a lot of posts these days (good thing). in general, i don't have time to read most of them (bad thing) & on an average day i do not read topics w/ generic titles. i have a little more time on my hands than usual this afternoon.

however, i do usually make time to read titles which interest me. for example, if juliemcmullen had been looking for tiki bar information about, say, new jersey or london, i might have been able to help but on an average day might have overlooked her posting.

good luck, juliemcmullen.

thanks for the advice, tikifish.

tiki chris

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juliemcmullen wrote:
Are there any Tiki Bars in Houston, TX?

Hello, and welcome JulieMcMullen!

There is a Search feature that you can use to help you in your tiki findings. As for Tiki Bars in Houston? You can click
here and see that the one bar has come and gone (pay attention to the posting dates and you'll see).



SugarCaddyDaddy's Schedule of Stuff!

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On 2003-05-27 06:41, tikifish wrote:
Give the newbie a break... well, unless they like to have sex with dolphins and climb mount Kilimanjaro nude while telepathing with the aliens. In which case, have at 'em!

What if some of us - I mean, "some theoretical" - old-bees like to do these things? Are we - I mean they - fair game too, or are they they they (not we) grandfathered?

"Jimmy" Teitelbaum?!?

I thought dolphins were aliens.


On 2003-05-27 12:17, tikivixen wrote:
I thought dolphins were aliens.

Are you another Douglas Adams scholar? So long, and thanks for all the fish!

--cyn, back from Cooperstown


The 'dolphin sex' was referring to that thread a while back where the holier than thou new-age tiki central newbie got righteously flamed. Can't remmeber the name though.

I like to telepath with nude dolphins while listening to Kilimanjaro by the Teardrop Explodes.

I visited that Hawaiian Breeze shortly after it opened -- other than a mild Polynesian decor and waitresses in bikinis (which wasn't so bad, hehe), the place wasn't quite as tiki as I'd hoped. It was sort of a bungalow with an island theme. It was okay, though. Service wasn't so great (and I was one of maybe 2 customers at the time). Food was decent but not particularly memorable. I dunno, maybe I just got the wrong thing. Didn't have any drinks, as it was kinda early and I had to drive alone. Wish I'd gone with some friends!

Last time I passed it by, I noticed it appeared to have closed, as well. I don't think they advertised too much, or in the right places. That section of Richmond especially needs lots and lots of ATTENTION GETTERS to reel in the crowds. Being located next to a porno shop didn't exactly help, either, I think.

Then again, the techno music they played really put a damper on the atmosphere. Maybe that's what killed it for me.

On the other hand, one place I really did like (not sure if they're still there) was in the Marq*E Entertainment Plaza right off I-10 (where the Edwards theater is) -- Big Island Tropical Grill and Bar, formerly known as Surfer's Paradise! They have GREAT mai-tais, great Hawaiian and Jamaican food, lots of plants, surfing videos on monitors in the bar area, a waterfall, bamboo furniture -- it's sort of "Neo-Tiki" or "Modern Polynesian", about as close to real tiki as I've found in Houston so far. This place I can definitely recommend! Nice spot for a date, although it's not exactly cheap -- about $45 for dinner for two.

I'm curious about the place down in Galveston that was mentioned elsewhere....

Tikifish...I think I remember that one. Were you talking about "Squawker"?

Yep, that was Squawker all right. Wonder why he called himself that? Guess we'll never know now...:D

As far as Douglas Adams goes, Cynful, I think he was one of the funniest humans of all time. His death seems even more surreal than his books--I can't quite believe it.

"Hand me the raprod, plate captain!"

--Zaphod Beeblebrox

My favorite quote, personally:

"I love deadlines. I love the whooshing sound they make as they go by..."


The quests for an anti-venom kit in Australia and condoms in China in "Last Chance To See" were my favorite Adams passages, if only because they were true stories. He did a reading at Tulane when the book came out and hearing his own inflection made it even more hilarious.

Sorry for further hi-jacking your thread, julie.


I don't usually go for dolphins, but Flipper's kind of sexy.


Back to the original question...

Houston Press has been running an ad for the past few weeks:
626 Highway 6 (just south of I-10)
"Houston's incarnation of the new Tiki renaissance COMING SOON!"

Looks promising, but then if they consider the Tiki renaissance new, I'm not sure. Well...Houston's generally a little behind on things.




But welcome, tkinki! Glad to have another Houstonian onboard. I'm hoping we can all gather out at Ti Tiki when it opens, and that it will be a great place.

And if not, we'll go find some other place, dangit!

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