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moving to hawaii - help !!!

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i am a florida native moving to hawaii and need to know exactly where to go to get neck deep in tiki culture. i am pretty new to this whole thing so tell me whats up - i leave next week ! thank you !!

Unfortunately, many people in Hawaii will have no idea what you mean by the tiki scene. The tiki scene is an everyday thing in the islands, and an overt quest for it is a tourist pursuit. If you want to get to know the Hawaiian culture, get to know some locals that are attuned (for real) to their heritage. Be cool, be sympathetic, and be helpful to local causes and issues. Soon you'll be living the tiki thing and not obsessing on it the way we do on the mainland.


Hi Orangeaide,

Good advice from the above poster about being too enthusiastic about Tiki trinkets from the fifties with Native Hawaiians. Many of them think the whole thing was an insult to their culture and the result was a horde of foreigners moving to Hawaii, raising the land prices so they couldn't afford them, and a portrayal of their men and women that was negative. It's a paradox that westerners absolutely adore the Tiki scene and the fake Hawaii music while many of the real Hawaiians figure they were sold down the river.

All the Best on your move,


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