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Huge Neon Moai's on Fox's "Summer Music Mania 2003"--May God have mercy on us all

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Don't ask me why I am watching this crap. I am sick in bed with a fever and I was tricked into thinking another episode of the Simpsons was on. If anyone thinks Jimmy Buffett is a "Threat" to tiki, think again. These huge Moai's are sharing the stage with Justin Timberlake, Britney Spears, Bill Bellamy, Destiny's Child, and a whole bunch of people I could care less about.

So, anyone know who made these things?

Hey, look, it's my 101st post. I'm a socialite now. I can't help but see the irony in this.

BTW, I don't actually feel "threatened" by these tikis on stage. I was being sarcastic.

One more thing, our friends at Old Navy are sponsoring this event. I wonder if they have anything to do with the neon tikis.


I wondered what that show was....

I was flipping channels and saw a giant tiki on a stage. With a bevy of Whorena's.....

Two people beat me to it... my wahine was watching this for some reason... the bucking surfboard was interesting as the girls implants bounced about... the middle moai looked best, except for the neon... the other two had strange lips. They looked like they might be foam, but they had a lot of cracks in them (the moais, not the breasts)

I hate seeing surfboards go to waste like that too... like Miss Fake Boobs is really going to catch some waves on that thing...

Missed the show(tradegy....I'll never carve again) Whatever, but it sounds like she doesn't need a flotation device. Badda boom.

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All parties responsible for the aforementioned tragedy should be forever marked with a scarlet T.

Signs of the Apocalypse!

I'm a long time Alice Cooper fan. For some odd reason he was supposed to be on this performing.
My best guess was that he was going to perform "School's Out". I couldn't make it through enough of the show to find out. Had to turn it off and go shake a drink to recover.

In the hands of a good TC'er, those day-glow stage Moais would look just as good as the Spencer Gift neon moai incense burners did.



I was equally concerned as I watched the "boob tube". What I found interesting was that I was more drawn to Moai's than to the scantily clad females. Must be old age or is it priorities have changed.

Then I begin to focus on what type of material can be obtained cheaply so that I can build one in my back yard (That is a Moai and not the scantily clad female).

After watching the bikini babes strut their stuff in front of the moai, it seemed like a virgin sacrifice. Uh..huh...huh...i said virgin...Uh..huh...huh

did not see that show but Mrs. fury pointed out the Tikis in the new commercial for Starbucks ...watch the beginning when he is fighting his clothes....small Tikis on the shelves or speakers.....

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