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Earthquake! Run for the door jamb or run for the mug shelf?

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I finially got some order to my mugs and bought a temporary display shelf for them from Wes over at HouseOfTiki.

In southern California, it's been a while since the last earthquake. So, the question is; do you run for your mug shelf, or head for cover? I think only time will tell for me.

Lucky. They have many Glue-Gums for this reason. Check out Ace or ? and tell them you need to earthquake proof your tiki mugs on your shelfs.


There's a great product called Museum Putty that sticks really well but comes off clean, no residue. A cheaper way to go is Mortite weatherstripping caulk, available at any harware store.

I'm afraid I'd have to save my skin first. I can always find more mugs.


I use a product called Quakehold. Just stick it to the bottom of the mugs.

Just do like PolyPop does. Display the already broken mugs, and keep the good ones individually wrapped in bubblewrap and permanently stored in boxes!

Earthquake? Fire? Emergency Evacuation?

"Honey, you grab the kids, and I'll grab the boxes of mugs!"


Here in Louisiana we don't have earthquakes but must be prepared to evacuate for hurricanes. And yes I do have a special box standby handy for when the time comes. It's a good thing that we get advance notice even though the weather reporter are usually always wrong.

I would make sure that those "special" mugs you know the ones that took you a year to find are very secured. I am finding it harder and harder to locate specific mugs. Is it that the demand is getting high?

Rain posted on Fri, May 23, 2003 1:18 PM

after the "stray cat getting into the house and jumping on the shelf, knocking stuff off and breaking it " incident, i wonder if i should have mugs in more than one place, so if something happens, at least its only part of the collection. not that i have that many.
no earthquakes here in orlando, either, though.

Lucky....you were a fool on this one......most people already had a secure plan for this action. Next time ask, "Great sex, or New Mug".

I love how Lapu only shows up to call me a fool.

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