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Memorial Weekend Barbeques with Tiki

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Well, I need to work part of this weekend but I hope you all have a great weekend and hope it looks something like this.....

Just add cocktails.....Aloha


tHanks bOngOfUry, I wIsh I hAd oNe oF tHose bArBeques... dOes aNyOne hEre oWn oNe? wEll, mY wEekeNd wiLL lOOk liKe tHis...

dId yOu eVer cHeck oUt tHe Hong Kong Inn hULa sHow?

Oh, so it's a three day weekend in the US as well? It's a holiday over here too, and I'm spending it Cheese-rolling:

We run down steep hills chasing round cheeses. The organisers state clearly that 'YOU WILL BE INJURED', but most people drink many pints of strong cider (cider contains a LOT of alcohol here) and so fall in big floppy heaps.


Trader Woody

Gad, I love England.

So, how was the cheese-rolling? Any injuries??

Er, do you make cheese sandwiches afterwards?




Can't say that I've ever witnessed cheese rolling first-hand but working at a TV station we always get the video of the fiasco! Some people really get messed up by the looks of the video - I'm surprised they don't have helicopters waiting to transport all the potential neck and spine injuries to the hospitals! That cheese rolling is a hardcore extreme sport in my estimation!

Bah! The cheese-rolling was cancelled as a result of earthquakes halfway round the world...

"Following earthquakes in Peru and Algeria, 'Rapid UK', a search and rescue team, was unable to attend.
St. John Ambulance, who are the irreplacable first aid team for the event, rely on the expertese of 'Rapid UK ' to remove any casualties from the face of the hill.
St. John Ambulance therefore had to withdraw their services. Insurance cover is dependant on these volunteers being present."

Well, I guess it shows just how dangerous it is if the casualties resemble earthquake victims.

Trader Woody

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