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Hawaiian Kitchen, Los Angeles, CA (restaurant)

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Name:Hawaiian Kitchen
Street:4574 W. Beverly Blvd
City:Los Angeles

I had seen a few old matchbooks from the Hawaiian Kitchen on ebay and on the internet and did not think much too about the place. They used the generic hula girl logo with no Tiki.

I started looking at the LA Public Library webpage after Abtractiki posted a Bahooka menu and I found a nice menu from the Hawaiian Kitchen that was full Tiki.

Anybody recognize this cover?

The Tiki Transmission Tradition, it's borrowed from the Islands in Phoenix.

The Tiki drinks

The menu has some nice graphics throughout.

One more menu cover, this time with the happy hour stamp - come one, come all, have a ball! (at least until 6:00 P.M.)

Surprised there has not been more posted on this place.


Of course we know that The Islands' graphic designer was also working in the transmission tradition with his (I believe late) menu cover, this was its predecessor:

Though the Asian statues are no direct copies, their style and the whole concept of the "artifacts hovering in the mist of time cloud" was definitely inspired by this Trader Vic's menu cover.

The Milan Guanko Tiki is from the older Islands covers, and the one original Tiki rendering is a quite curious combination of a Maori panel on top and Melanesian or Asian statue on the bottom, a product of pure fantasy I believe.

Considering that much of the design was borrowed, I wonder where the cool B&W renderings inside the Hawaiian Kitchen menu are originally from...

A-Ha! :o

"4574 W. Beverly Blvd." Now we know the name of the place that became Bobby London in Koreatown. Bigrotiki had posted a picture of the old, now gone door pulls here. :down:

On 2007-01-03 15:04, bigbrotiki wrote:
"these doorhandles on a place in Korea town, on Vermont and Beverly (I believe). It must have been Chinese/Polynesian once, but was a Korean Disco now. I liked the juxtaposition of the name and the urban blight look. (The new name is not bad either, it's now called "Bobby London".) :)

So the the Hawaiian Kitchen had some very cool and uneven door pulls. Nice work DC for the find and Abtractiki for finding the find that found the find! :)

Bora Boris and Bigbro,

Thanks for those great additions to the post. So, the Hawaiian Kitchen menu was third generation Tiki transmission!

BB, how the heck did you remember that post about the door handles? Nice pull (pun intended). You could see the place had some Tiki vibe with the rock wall and all.


DC, I remembered because it's close to where I live and I wonder about it every time I drive by, the rock wall is still the same. I haven't gone in yet but it's on my 2011 To Do list.

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