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The worst "Tiki" Bar or Restaurant - Ever!

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After Tikifishes (that is the plural of Tikifish, right?) description of the Wayne Gretzky "Oasis" - I felt moved to start a new topic!
What is the worst example of a Tiki Bar letdown you have experienced? I'm talking Jimmy Buffett, Big 'ol Plastic Parrots, White wicker patio chairs & Coors lite in a plastic cup! My only disappointment was the Kona Lanes Bowl in Costa Mesa, Ca. (nothing really tropical inside - but a great sign) - or maybe eating at Islands. Oh yeah - my 24 hour fitness in Pasadena is having a cheesy hawaiian/ tiki theme in its entrance - I'll have to take a pic. Nothing like being greeted by a surly gym-monkey at the crack of dawn behind a cheesy thatched hut & plastic Tiki masks!

So anyway - scare me with bad experiences! Include pix if possible...Go on - do your worst!

Pages: 1 0 replies