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Disney World Vacation

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My wife dragged me along to Florida two weeks ago on a Disney World/Cruise Vacation. I don't like all the "cheese" associated with Disney, but the cruise and weather were great!
But what I really miss was the music at the Polynesian Resort. It was a mix of hapa-haole, drum chants and slack guitar. I asked if they sold the music on CD, but they didn't.
Is anyone familiar with the music rotation at the Polynesian?

Magic Kingdom Guest Relations to the rescue!...

I have a fellow Cast Member who worked at the resort and has many close ties with people there...I will find out what I can for you!

Tiki Tackett

p.s.-Very close on the choice of nickname! Rock On! :)


Thanks tikitackett!!!

I haven't seen her yet...so when I do, I will get you any info I can...even if it is a contact.


Tiki Tackett

Pages: 1 3 replies