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Aloha Hut, AKA Jenny II, Washington, DC (restaurant)

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Name:Aloha Hut, previously named "Jenny II"
Street:1715 G. St. NW

not too far west of the White House.

matchbook (thanks Dustycajun)

mugs (thanks dogbytes)

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[ Edited by: Johnny Dollar 2011-02-19 03:38 ]

there has been chatter here and other corners of the internets concerning tiki mugs marked "Jenny II." i dug up some evidence from the WaPo archives online that the restaurant named the aloha hut, was, at the same location, previously named "Jenny II." which i think ranks up there as one of the oddest names for a tiki establishment, to date.

transcribing the text above for the sake of internet searches,

"...Music for dancing at the Aloha Hut (once Jenny II at 1715 G. St. nw.) is being provided nightly by a group called tht [sic] Tropicanos..."

Thanks for posting this JD. I found two of these mugs years ago and have found no information on them. The only mention I could find was for a cruise ship named Jenny II which sank in 1969 and thought maybe by a slim chance they came from that ship but now the mystery is solved. Keep up the great work. Here are some closeups of my mug.

A matchbox from the Aloha Hut, now where have I seen that Tiki before??


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