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woe is me-Witco bar won't fit

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I have two Witco bars I was going to put in my livingroom in an L shape. Both are too large for the splace so one will have to do at an angle. I'm thinking of taking the tiki pannels off the front a making the smaller one into a very expensive TV cabinet. If you hear screams in the wind in the next couple of days, it's a Witco bar dieing.
I could always sell it but am afraid I'll regret it later. Anyone out there ever have Tiki seller's remorse?

If it will make you feel better, I can take one off your hands! At least you know it will be going to a good tiki-loving family! :)


what luck! my Home for Wayward Tiki Bars has an opening! yes, your delinquent, "doesn't fit in our home" tiki bar will recieve excellent care ~ he will be fully furnished with beverages and fruit.

of course, you can have unsupervised visits with your tiki bar, or photographs whenever you want to check on his well-being.

StepMom elicia.

The only thing you'll regret more than selling it, is ripping apart a piece of 20th century art, destroying much of its value, and damning your immortal soul.

As opposed to destroying or altering it, I think you should consider the purchase of a new home. And hey, mine is going up for sale, whatta you know?
Plenty of tiki space here...

Seriously, I'd really be hesitant to alter it unless you REALLY know what you're doing. It would be a shame and I agree that you'd probably regret that more than actually selling it to a good tiki home.

Best of luck - let us know what happens. We will, of course, expect pictures upon completion.


laney posted on Fri, Jun 21, 2002 8:09 PM

I don't think it will require much altering other than putting hinges on and joining the front pannels together. If I use my larger T.V I'd have to remove a (securely installed) shelf so I may opt for my smaller bedroom T.V.
My other option is to put it outside by the pool. I'm planning to build a pool house type covered patio tiki bar lounge thing (that's a mouthfull)but still think the weather and bugs may get to it. I also just scored the cheesiest old treasure box lighted fish tank from a thrift store that would be perfect on top.
I would move to a bigger house but I just did. I bought a new house and in the move swore never to move again!
I'll post pictures when it's done-wish me luck!

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