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Royal Luau, Brookline, MA (restaurant)

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Name:Royal Luau
Street:55 Pond Ave.

I have to warn you up front, you may want to put on your dark glasses for this one!

I picked a new postcard from the Royal Luau restaurant located in Brookline, Mass. The back of the card says it was located at the Brook House, which is now all condos.

Polynesian cuisine and Exotic Drinks, sound promising.

The very, very bright interior. Get a load of that carpet. Must have been inspired by the psychedelic phase of Bob Lee's Islander.

Close of the the piano bar, don't think I have ever seen one quite like that. Included a day-glow outrigger.

The dinning area, looks like there were a few obligatory Tiki poles on the wall.

Classic mid-1970's version of a de-evolving Tiki restaurant.


Swanky posted on Thu, Mar 3, 2011 9:21 AM

Love the almost literal piano bar! IF it only had a beer spigot on it or something!


That is an old-school style piano bar, built for comfort and capacity like this one at Oscars.

Shag had the same idea.

Of course, for a true Tiki Piano Bar, one must go to La Mariana.


Found a matchbook from this joint.

A hint of Tiki on the cover.

But what's up with the font on the back?

Leave it to Mass!

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